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  1. There are no gears - it's a CVT - so the answer is no.
  2. What did you get to replace them? More HID is the only thing that will match the color and I'm not sure you can use them down in that location... if you find a way let us know. These replacement bulbs are a very close match to HID color - http://www.hoen-usa.com/bulbchoice.htm
  3. Optima makes a Yellow Top (I think 51R) that is a direct replacement.
  4. Hi Gregor001 Can you help me how to change miles to km and F to C? Please email me to mi_mle@yahoo.com Thanks, Mi Don't hold your breath for a response.
  5. You can run 255/55VR18, 245/55VR18, or 255/50VR18 tires on your OEM wheels without any safety issues. Be sure the load rating is at least 99 and do not drop down to lower speed ratings like H. Some minor rubbing in hard cornering may be found for the larger of those, but if you are doing that with your family in the car... then you really aren't that concerned about safety are you? Your safest bet if you don't want to take any risk is to just get the the OEM tire size. The Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza is your tire of choice for this size. CAUTION: I would avoid wheel spacers as they change the way loads are transfered from the wheel to the hub. These OEM wheels are desinged to fit over a feature on the hub so that the wheel bolts are only in tension (no shear loading). If you install spacers, this function is lost and the wheel bolts now have to carry tension AND shear loads. They were not designed for this. This is a REAL safety issue. To move to wider tires without any clearance issues or spacers you will need to get different rims that have a greater offset from the hub. Just be certain thay engage the shear feature on the hub in the same way the OEM wheels do, or you will be placing the botls in shear again. Good Hunting. Sounds like you know what you are talking about! After much research, I am planning on going with the Michelin Latitude HP 255/55-18 104H, which is what comes standard on the Acura MDX. It has the closest overall diameter of any 255/55-18 tire so it makes it closer to the stock OD. I never go over 75MPH so I didn't think the H mattered and the MDX seems like a very similar SUV. Go here and plug in your sizes and you'll see that with the OEM 235/55-18, the diameter difference with the 255/55-18 is not recommended. 255/50-18 is a better fit. http://www.1010tires.com/tiresizecalculator.asp Tire_Comps.pdf
  6. Awesome news! Thanks! BTW, I always get my Optima batteries from Costco. Their return policies cannot be beat. 51R is probably not a commonly stocked size - had to order on-line from Batteries Plus.
  7. I am a huge fan of the Optima batteries since I have a Jeep Rubicon with winch. The Optima will take deep cycling like no other battery out there. That said, I was wondering how the 51R fit into your RX400? Was it an exact fit and did the terminals line up correctly and all that? When/if the battery goes out in my RX400, I will definitely go with the Optima. Thanks in advance! Exact fit - even the Lexus plastic battery frame fits. 51R has the correct postioning of the terminals.
  8. I replaced the 12v battery on an 08 RX400h - repleaced with Optima 51R. Battery was disconnected during install for about 30 minutes. Other than having to reset windows, sunroof, rear door and some other settings (radio, etc.) there has been no change in the way my car performs - mpg pre and post are the same.
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