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  1. I noticed that the passenger side cup holder doesn't hold the cups snugly anymore and found that the little plastic spring loaded clip that snugs the cup toward the front of the holder is broken. I found it but can't really tell if an unbroken replacement can be installed (even if I can find one). This is important since this is the only holder for the passenger and cups keep flipping out without the snugging clip. Anyone know if this can be replaced/fixed or if I have to get a whole new / used cup holder assembly? I saw the post which seems to describe how to remove the cup holder. Hope i
  2. I can't see spending $380 for lexus to update the nav. I might be able to find the disc someplace but am kind of skeptical of ordering things from eBay or other re-sellers. I have heard there are a ton of bad discs that are sold. My friend game me the image and I re-burned it in DVD-ROM mode. It seems to read now in the ecu! At this point I just want to know how to reset the navigation... and start all over I will post what I find out... But any help is appriciated. I can't say this will be true for your LS 430, but for my 2004, I tried pulling ECU fuses and that didn't work. When I p
  3. I've been using the "dip" feature periodically and it has not become stuck on my 2004 LS 430. That is a little disconcerting. Is it confined to 2006 models?
  4. My friend who does some of my maintenance said my '04 LS 430 tranny has no drain plug on the bottom. Only on the side for filling apparently. He couldn't figure out how to drain this thing and I seached the forums and Google for an answer, but none found. Anyone here know how to properly change the transmission fluid? In particular, how to drain the old fluid?
  5. Also, I just went through the ordeal of upgrading my 2004 LS 430 to the newest DVD and found they removed the override that lets you adjust the navigation while moving. I downgraded, with the help of BillyShaft and am much happier now that I can override the lockout again. I find the system is really quite accurate in the Los Angeles area and use it all the time.
  6. Thanks for the hint on the VSC reset. I printed it and will compare with my manual. I take the car in for this third repeat of the problem and will mention the harness/knock sensor issue. Can't hurt.
  7. Average, which is mostly Freeway with some surface streets and stop-n-go is around 22 This is an 2004 and it is the original battery, I think. But, wouldn't I see other signs of battery trouble? This is a huge dealer with a big shop. I'd expect they mostly know what is going on under the hood. I was told that since this is a repeat of the same problem on different cylinders each time (so far), they will escalate to the foreman for a closer look.
  8. Last night I had the third incidence of the Check VSC, Check engine, and Trac Off lights all coming on at the same time while on the freeway. Happened first time in October. The dealer replaced a coil on one of the cylinders - a misfire was reported by the computer and it blamed the coil, as he described it. (extended Warranty). I got the lights again in November, and they replaced another coil. Now that I have seen this yet again, I am wondering if this is a defect. I'm also wondering how a "misfire" can have an effect on the VSC and TRAC??? Anyone else seen this in LS 430's or other
  9. UPDATE: I finally got together a DVD with 6.1 data (retained certain 5.1 file - look elsewhere on forum for that formula) and was successful at replicating it for backup and having the backup run in my replaced ECU (DVD unit in the trunk). The override of the lockout while moving is still there and functions properly. So this confirms what several had stated previously (and as I've documented in this thread). If you have been upgraded to a version that doesn't have the override, you can downgrade with a simple battery disconnect, then insert the DVD you want to go to for proper operation.
  10. You won't go wrong with an LS. It is the best car I've ever had. I have a friend who bought a MB. I told him tactfully that a Lexus is a better car. After monthly trips to the MB dealer for about a year, he parked it and bought a LS 460. Loves it - hates the lack of override on the navigation tho. Several folks have commented "best car you can buy". My Dad and brother fight over who is going to drive it when I visit. If you want a car that will stay with you on minimal repairs, this is one that will last.
  11. Go to a body shop and get the estimate straight away. By the looks of it though and the car you have, I'd guess the $500 deductible is spent. Aligning these doors could be a real tough thing to do unless you've got skills. So, a claim may be the lowest out-of-pocket cost. The estimate will be telling tho.
  12. Well, that is interesting. And since your mechanic manages this on a Tundra, I suppose my Wife's Limited Sequoia has it too. I probably inherited the previous owner's driving habits at first, but now its patterned after a mix of mine and my Wife's. Does it develop a different pattern when the transmission switch is on Power VS Snow? In other words when I switch to Power, does it develop a separate patter for that setting?
  13. When solving my navigation override problem I disconnected the batter for about 10 minutes. The first time I've done that since buying the car. It did not loose seat settings, radio settings, phone settings, etc. But the MPG, time traveled and other such numbers reset. Then I drove it and it seemed more peppy! It shifted and drove a little different. Do these cars somehow memorize driving patterns and get into a groove of how to shift and respond to driver controls?
  14. Not sure what wire the SPD signal comes in on. Wouldn't this defeat the dead-reckoning? Not that you would use it when you do need dead-reckoning, but just curious if it would. Are you doing this on a model that doesn't have the override at all? Like 2006+?
  15. I am happy to report that although pulling the ECU and RADIO1 fuses did not work, disconnecting the negative terminal of the battery DID IT! I pulled the terminal and got called away for about 10 minutes. When I came back I reconnected it then turned the ignition to ACC. BINGO! That glorious "LOADING" screen showed up! When it was done, I tried the override sequence and it was there. The override worked just like it used to! I was worried I was going to loose my radio and seat settings, but it didn't. So I am whole again and can use the navigation system while rolling. :) Next I'l
  16. The downgrade at dealer failed. They refunded for the v8.1 disc and put back my 4.2 disc. Pulling the Radio1 fuse affected the audio system but did not clear the memory. I found a fuse Marked ECU in the trunk fuse box. When I pulled that and left in the radio1 fuse, then turned on the ignition, I got a black screen when the screen switched to navigation. Left it that way all night, but also pulled the radio1 fuse again just in case. That did not clear the memory either. I am wondering if the replacement ECU the dealer installed (warranty repair) has persistent memory. I also wonder i
  17. Mine will average around 19-20 around town but definitely around 18 when my wife does the driving. When Hiway driving is dominant, it is closer to 22.5. Long drives on Fwy see it up closer to 25 (mostly flatish land). I did get a bump in mileage and can use lower octane gas when using DynoTabs
  18. I dropped the LS 430 with the dealer for downgrading back to my original DVD and a refund on the "unsatisfactory" upgrade. The service advisor said they had the people from Lexus who do the nav system in and they asked for input. Of course he said there were many comments about the fact that you cannot control the nav unit while in motion. He even suggested the option of a passenger side control or seat sensor. They replied that people would defeat that with bags of cement, etc. Of course, the reply to the Lexus nav people was that owners were defeating the airbag sensors and what not a
  19. I just left my service advisor a message that they need to take out the new disk and restore my original (including refund me). This is on the grounds that they directly told me that the new disc will not remove any functionality. Furthermore, they did not say anywhere that this is not returnable AND they say all over the place that they want me to 100% satisfied. Any additional thoughts on what to tell the dealer to convince them to back out the upgrade at no charge? Then I have the option of getting a Hybrid disk or picking up a smallGgarmin for half the price of the upgrade DvD for whe
  20. Hey BillyShaft, thanks for the feedback. So, my disc is reporting as "ver.08.1". Are you saying this disc will be useless if I want to get back my override - there are no known solutions except going back to an older "6.1" disc? When I first got the car I found a website that sold an wiring modification that solved the whole thing, including phone. I opted not to go that route. Is such a solution non-functional for these new discs? I had already resolved not to buy a new Lexus until a solution was available for the newer ones (my friend with and '07 couldn't find one - what a drag that is
  21. On my 2004 LS 430, I finally decided to get the Nov 08 update at dealer because the ECU for the Navigation system was being replaced under extended warranty. Well to my extreme dismay, the override (menu/volume/top left/bottom left. .. etc.) no longer works. I am tempted to make the dealer give me my $$$ back because I asked if the upgrade will change ANY functionality and they said "no". I did retain my original DVD. I wonder if there is software loaded off the DVD besides map data. If so, maybe I can burn a new DVD with old software and new map data. Any ideas or hardwire workarounds?
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