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  1. Hi All, I have a 99 RX300 that suddenly wouldn't start. The battery was dead. So I took it to a parts store and had it charged and tested. Battery was fine. So I put it back in the car, it started with no problem, and drove it to the parts store and had the alternator checked. The alternator was providing only 10v so the battery was slowly draining. I replaced the alternator with a recertified one. My mistake was I didn't go back and check the voltage after replacing the alternator and now after 2 weeks, the car won't start again. I'm hoping it's just a bad alternator but if not, what else could it be? Thanks
  2. I recently bought a 99 RX 300 with 143K miles. I noticed it's struggling to shift. Are there things I can do to improve the transmission's condition or is it just a matter of time before it will fail? Should I flush the transmission fluid? Thanks
  3. Hi All, We just bought a 99 RX 300 from a relative that was driven in NY. Needless to say the carpet is gross from dirty snow and mud up north. What's the best way to deep clean the carpets before I replace the mats? Thanks!
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