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  1. Below is what we'd order. I wonder if we could get them for about $54,500 each. Randy Price with Selected Options Invoice MSRP Base Price* $48,174 $55,375 Destination $625 $625 Options $4,216 $5,200 Total* $53,015 $61,200 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Selected Options Modern Luxury Package $4,040 $4,980 Sport Package 1 $176 $220 Total Selected Options $4,216 $5,200
  2. Looking at buying a 2004 LS430, since the used 2002 I was eyeing has been sold, and I much prefer the appearance of the 2004 model. I took my father to see a 2004 LS430, and after driving it, he's considering selling/trading his 2000 Mercedes E430 4Matic for one too. Think a dealer would *really* cut us a deal if we bought or ordered two LS430s? What is a fair price? I read on a thread here that someone paid as low as $1500 over invoice? Do Lexus dealers get a 2% holdback on MSRP, in addition to what they earn over the invoice price? We'd both get silver/flint mica with black/gray leather, Navi/Levinson, and the euro-sport package. Do we have a better chance of discount with what is on the lot or via ordering both? I would love to hear all thoughts and opinions... Randy in Chicago
  3. Anyone else put the 2004 18"s on their 2001-2003 LS430? What about the "new" 5-spoke (non-pie-pan) 18" wheels from the SC430? I'm looking at buying a used 2002 LS430 with 16,000 miles on it from a dealer. It currently has those terrible (my opinion) 16" wheels that look like plastic hubcaps. I don't like many of the Lexus wheel designs, but I LOVE the 18" "Euro-suspension" rims on the 2004 LS430. I'd even buy them if they were 17", I just like the clean design. I don't want aftermarket wheels, I think cars look best with the OEM wheels, if they're well designed. Anyone? I can't find the stock #, who makes them, anything. If anyone is selling theirs, I'd be interested... Randy Also, what all would I have to add to make the suspension more like the stock sports setup? Shocks? Roll bars? Suspension bushings? I sure with I could afford a 2004 with sport...
  4. I'm thinking of buying a used 2002 LS430 with 16,000 miles on it. I really dislike the crummy 16" wheels on it (they look like a spare tire...) Anyway, if you decide you want to sell your 18" wheels from your 2004, let me know. I think they would dramatically improve the looks of the 2002 I'm considering... Randy Anyone else put the 18"s on their 2001-2003 LS430?