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  1. Thanks for all the good advice and wishes! I posted on AutoTrader and Craigslist, and one the first week, I just received an offer for over $5,500...will keep you guys apprised if I close:)
  2. Hi Cal,

    Thanks for the inquiry as I'm only interested in selling my 5 speed SC 300. I have another car, and just posted my car on if you'd like review and make an offer. My number is listed below, and I can either proivde you tons of pictures or post the AutoTrader link once it appears.

    ***5 Speed MANUAL***, Eibach spring set, updated 1998 16" OEM

  3. Thanks Thomas, Thanks UCF3, I'm in the Los Angeles market, and I'd think there's likely more car folks here (more cars period) than most other areas. I'll likely post on AutoTrader under "Supra", and see if the Supra set will respond to aggressive pricing by me. Cheers, Ben
  4. Hi TXSC3, Thanks for your input. Is your price range your good guess or based upon what you've seen the car to actually sell for? Non-turbo 93-95 Supras are listed on and for in excess of $10,000, despite what Edmunds may say. Thanks! Ben
  5. Fellow Lexus owners, Any idea how to price a rare 5 speed 1992 Lexus SC 300? A comparable '93 Toyota Supra's private party price off Edmunds is $4,100 while the SC 300 is $2,000. I hear my vehicle is quite rare, and would hate to underprice it. 144,000 miles, Eibach spring set, upgraded to 1998 16" OEM rims, SC400 front & rear spoilers, and full premium sound/luxury package on this pearl white/beige interior rarity with all maintenance records in excellent condition. I've had this vehicle since 1995 when it had 18,000 miles, and its hardly driven for much of the time. Much thanks in advance for your input! Ben