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  1. That also could be the problem as well. Very easy to replace.
  2. Here you go. Let me know how it ends up.
  3. You first need to tell a little more about the history of maintence please. If you have checked the wires, caps, rotors, and plugs, I would start with possibly a vaccuum leak somewhere. It has been known to be a little one to cause the symptoms you are describing. Furthermore, there have been instance where the IAC (idle control valve) is not working like it should, as well as the MAF (mass air flow sensor) is dirty or not working at all. I had the same problem, 92 SC400, and it was it was bucking when you off of the throttle at ANY speeds. It drove me nuts. I first thought it was the rear end
  4. What kind of setup on you running now, lowering springs or coilovers? I assume those are stock SC rims, just painted?
  5. Double check and make sure nothing metal has fallen down in the cig lighter port. Then recheck the fuses, pull all of them one by one, in the kick panel and under the hood.
  6. From 1994-1998 for the lower control. Straight bolt on. Try Carson Toyota.
  7. Back to the topic. Metra now offers a double din in dash kit. Its around 20 bucks or so. You can use that to hold your radio in place. You can use multiple toyota radio adapters for your 12 volt, remote, ground, power, etc. It depends on what setup you have, or if you want to simply keep your factory sub working or use your stock amplifier. You need to think about what EXACTLY you want to use in the SC. You can also tap into the factory wiring in the trunk by the amplifier. Heres a few links. Let me know how it worked out for you.
  8. Check out They have them for the second one in the front. They were around 50 plus tax, and I think they have 2 colors, tan or black, no gray.
  9. If you can remove the bulbs from the metal housing, you should be able to sand down those with some sandpaper or a green scouring pad. Thats what I did, and it worked perfectly from then on. I would reseal the bulb housing with some 100% silicone before placing new bulbs back in there. If that doesnt get it, you will need to remove the lights again, and place in oven for 300 degrees for 5 minutes and the pull apart. Once apart, I would dry everything out with compressed air, and then clean the lenses, then reseal everything with 100% silicone. YOu may have to place in oven a couple of times to
  10. I would start with the correct ohm. I have tried to post a link, but havent found one yet.. Will keep looking for you. I believe you have adjusted it too much or incorrectly. They are very sensitive, even a hair turn, left or right. The TPS even adjusts the shift times in the transmission. I would call the Stealership and ask them for the correct area of volts for the TPS. Then go from there. It might be your MAF but I wouldnt think so since your problem didnt start until you messed with the TPS. This is just my opinion and I wish I could help you more. Will keep looking.
  11. If anyone is looking to rewire the entire system that has Nakamichi, heres the link for all of the wiring. I used this guideline for my install. I simply replaced the headunit with something else and disconnected the factory amp, and reused the factory wiring in the rear of the car. I had to run all new wires to the rear and then tapped in from the inside the trunk. Alot of work, but well worth it. If anyone wants more detail at exactly what I did, just ask. And yes, I am still using the factory subwoofer with another amp.
  12. Your welcome.. Nothing hard and pretty straight foward... If you need help, you know where to find me.
  13. Heres the link for you. I hope this helps you out.
  14. The TPS is a tricky thing to fool with. It adjust more than just the idle. I would recommend setting it to the correct factory ohms. The jerking you felt might be the transmission mount going bad. Its very common. The other thing it could be is the driveshaft rubber piece that attaches to the rear end. These are also known to go bad, due to dry rotting or abnormal wear. I would check the TPS to the corrct ohm, and then if the problem still lies there, then check the 2 above items. Hopefully this will solve your problem. Keep us posted on your findings!
  15. I just replaced mine in my 1992, but I had trouble finding a all aluminum myself. I went with one from genesis auto parts out of California. It was something like 165 shipped to the door. I believe they also make several aluminum ones for the 300 but not the 400. I have also heard that you can modify a 300 to fit a 400, but I have never tried it. If I find the link I will post it for you, if you want to give it a try. Lastly, Koyo is one of the best ones for the 400 and for the money. Good luck and keep us posted.
  16. I hope the above links helps you out... Hes the man, when it comes to links......
  17. I have looked for you on 2 other lexus forums and cant find step by step instructions for you. But I can tell you to remove the back trunk liner, or trunk mat, then remove the back padding under your rear speakers, this simply pulls straight towards the rear of the car, and is held by metal clips. This will access your fuel tank. They said it has 8 bolts located on the top of the tank. This should get you started somewhat. Make sure to disconnect your battery first. I will keep looking for you. Sorry I couldnt be much more help!
  18. That sounds like your cats are stopped up. I would check your exhaust pressure coming out of your exhasut tips.
  19. Can you provide more info? How long has this been going on? What does the car act like while its appeared on the cluster?
  20. I have the same year, and I would say go for it.... Make sure you take lots and lots of pix's during your progress. Make sure you post all of them.... This will help us in the trial and errors if we decide to do it..... Keep us posted.
  21. I have a 1992 SC400 and I went with Tokico struts and factory springs for now. I would suggest Tannabe springs because of the better drop in the front than what Eibach has. Tannabe offers 1.2 in front and Eibach only 1.0 inch. It looks better to me. They are the same for the rear, 1.0 inch. They are both good companies and you cant go wrong with either, but thats the difference to me, in my opinion.
  22. The window lighting is for the door panels on both sides for the lock/unlock and window up/down button. The odometer lighting is on the black plastic piece under the cluster, just above the adjustment for the time. Sorry I should have been more precise. Thanks for the link. That website asked me to take pix of all the bulbs and send it to them for the proper fit and type bulb. I was hoping that someone had these bulbs repalced lately, and could post some helpful info to me. Thanks for the reply.
  23. I told you wrong... My apologizes... I used the 65 watt Sylvania Silverstar bulbs in the low beam.. They are the 50% more lighting, not the normal 35% you find at Wal-Mart. I used a 55 watt type bulb in the foglight housing. I hope you understand now.
  24. yes I am very interested in it.... I emailed you at the above address.
  25. I have 1992 SC400. Got it from my friend at work.. Paid 2K for her.. It had 133K miles...It needed brakes, tires, and the A/C recharged. I have owned it for almost 2 years now. Since then, I have replaced, within the last year............ The yellowing of both headlights.... wet sanded and buffed out... BFI- Cold Air Intake..... with the help of Lextreme Converted the turn signals to foglights Panasonic Head Unit Sony Xplod speakers Sony Xplod amp... 4 channels Parking Brake Cover Repinstriped TPS Sensor Water Pump Thermostat Cam Seals Crank Seal Timing belt Timing Belt Tens
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