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  1. I have a 1993 SC400 and a 1995 SC400, the 93 has headers complete exhaust flowmaster mufflers replaced all bushings om suspension with poly bushings larger sway bars shocktower brace 125shot nitrus, lots of fun. The 95 is all stock, its my wife's car. Trouble with window regulators leak power steering pump that sealed up with lucas power steering sealer, gauge needles, fixed them, and gas guage, had to remove unit from tank and clean up, now works fine, that was my 93, the 95 just window regulator so far. 191,000 miles on 93, 161,000 on the 95 both run great.
  2. had this problem replaced vacume lines, all dryed and cracked.
  3. bought 93 sc400 6 years ago, now I just bought a 95 sc400 6months ago, twice as much fun, paid 7,000 for the 93, just paid 7500 for the 95, it has 95,000 miles on it, the 93 is black, the 95 is silver blue pearl . second owner cars, 95 completely stock, my wife loves it, the 93 has been put to the test, headers, new exhaust from the headers back to flow masters, nothing else, last summer I has a 125 shot nos setup on it, and it was more fun than a ride at magic mountain, but its tough on the trans, and I got my first speeding ticket in 25 years, a week later another so I removed it, plus the gas is expensive, but you surprise a lot of people when you stand on it. really noisy. today my cel light came on and code 13 came up, started to check it out and found the coil wire and cap on r/s was burned and the rotor was also, replaced them all and will try it out in a few, had my radiator explode, plastic top of it just blew and antifreeze blew all over the engine, I think it got on the distributor cap and corroded it. had trouble with door locks, lever on handle came off, nothing to fix it not many other problems, I maintain it very well, it something I keep after, I put custom wheels on it and soft tires and kyb shocks new springs, shock tower supports and you can drive both cars and not believe they are the same car.
  4. 1993 sc400, bought in 2000 for 7000 with 90,000 miles on it, garage kept, great condition. cold air intake, built real dual exhaust, from headers to flowmasters in rear, nothing else but crossover pipe. went to 245 /50/16 tires, kyb shocks, tried different chips, never had any luck with them. Had problems with plug wires, maf, cleaned with maf cleaner and never worked properly again, replaced, trouble with tps, replaced and adjusted and works well now, gauge lights, replaced with led's, needles in gauge cluster, replaced them, car runs great, lots of power, exhaust sounds great, car is probably the best car i've ever owned, solid ride, handles good, not bad on gas, head turner.