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  1. Well in my personal opnion I dont they never clean my interior since 1999 so does any one have a great chemical that will work really good ?
  2. How much for work euroline dh size 19''?
  3. Well here is what I need to finish my 1999 lexus gs300 please let me know if you have any idea where i can purchased some of this parts They can be used or new but in good conditions : 1. Front bumper cover 2. driver side fender 3. passanger side fender
  4. Well I just purchesed a 1999 lexus gs300 with 140,ooo miles my question is what : 1. What kind or what brand of spark plugs should I used ? 2. what is the best motor oil for a 1999 lexus gs300 with 140.ooo miles? 3. What tramission fluid is good? 4. I am going Reflush my radiator so what kind of coolant should I used? 5. also my brake pads are really terrible any good ideas of some good brand brake pads?
  5. they are nice you should also try work eurolines
  6. If I was in your postion I will go with the 2jzgte trust me buddy you dont what to go v8 :cries:
  7. I thinks it's a TTE. Good luck ! you are indeed correct it is a TTE lip check the classifieds for a used one as they come up from time to time last one i saw sold for 180 in good condition or buy one new http://l-tunedparts.com/product/?id=501 or here (sewell offers discounts) i THINK with a certain discount its 260 pm me for this info http://www.sewellpartsonline.com/parts_detail.asp?id=88844 you might be able to find one cheaper....i dunno? Do you have any other suggestions on any other lips ?
  8. dude, your grammar/spelling are AWFUL. i have no recommendations as i never stated to have used either one of them BUT i will be trying the leatherique. will probably get this fri....BUT since its been raining on and off again since like 3 weeks ago dunno when i'll get it done. soon i hope! sorry for my grammar I just purchased a bottle of lexol its just trash trust me it dosnt work
  9. i think he is running rich you might what to check your timing,intake manifold gaskets,injectors, ect
  10. Try toy-lex.com They have programing instructions on line. :) And they tell you how to see if your key is a master key or not. Thank you very much but I already hire a guy to do it for me