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  1. I had this experience last year. Luckily it didn’t happen again since then. 4CE117FD-6919-4A2F-8E77-49BF5278FD10.MOV
  2. It's more like the horn on the steering wheel, only very short and from the rear of the car. The problem with the recording is that the sound appears randomly and its hard to predict when to record it. Any thoughts about this? I am a bit concerned as my 5 year extended warrenty will expire at the beginning of 2011. Other than that I think the RX 400h is the best car I ever had.
  3. Hello RX400h fans, as I had no luck to find answers in the European Lexus Forum I try my luck here. Since a while now my RX400h (delivered Jan. 2006) produces a short noise shortly after its stopped. It sounds like the signal-horn is pressed for a very short time and seems to come from the rear end of the car. The sound did not have any effect on the car yet but I am curious to find out what it may be. Thanks in advance for any kind of advice.
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