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  1. Hey do you have any pics of your sc430 with the AR9 wheels with red spoke inserts? I am seriously considering buying those wheels and would love to see what the look like. Thanks!! Brett
  2. Does your disk update maps for a 2002 sc430? How recent are the maps. I will buy for $25 if compatible. Let me know, Brett
  3. I'm no expert, but as far as I understand the chip reprograms the ECU maps and uses the OEM map as the baseline condition. The chip hooks directly to the OBD-II port through several wires. I'm not mechanically inclined at all, but even I was able to do the install. The car just drives much more aggresively; I wasn't convinced until I actually removed the chip and the car went back to baseline conditions. Brett
  4. Dear Friends, A few months ago I purchased the VP12 performance chip. It took some time for the chip to work, but after a month or so my sc430 seems to accelerate much more aggresively. However, I wondered if this increased performance was "in my head". Then :P the other day I had to take in my sc430 for repairs (thats another story). Fearing that the chip would void my extended warranty, I removed the chip. Almost instantly after removal, my throttle response seem to return to the factory baseline conditions which are much slower. The point of the story: this VP12 chip really works. The c
  5. Dear Friends, A few months ago I recall that someone posted a pic of their sc430 with gorgeous 18" chrome Davinci Tuscani wheels. I'm considering purchasing these wheels, but I would love to see the wheels on a sc430 again, but I cannot seem to find the pics on this forum. If you know where I can find pics of these wheels on the forum, PLEASE let me know. Thank you very much in advance. A pic of these wheels (not on the sc430) is available at:;ShowLarge=True
  6. I agree the switch must be bad. I took apart the seat warmer assembly, just under the gear shift and above the center console, and it appears to work fine. There is an electrical plug that I am going to disconnect to test whether it is in fact the switch causing the malfunction. I think I could probably find the part online and connect it myself, if all esle fails. However, first I was thinking that I would dissconnect and reconnect the battery, since dissconnecting the battery resets some electrical functions, I think? Any other ideas? Thanks in advance, Brett
  7. Yeah, the light still works and the knob does click off and on and appears to be funcitoning fine. I am battled...
  8. Dear Friends, My drivers side seat warmers seems to be always on. It is really annoying. Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I take apart the console and look if there are any bad connections? Should I check the fuses and/or battery connection? I am baffled. It would be a shame if I had to bring my car into the stealership if it was something really simple..
  9. Dear Friends, I have a 2002 sc430 with factory alloy (non-chrome wheels). I noticed on ebay that chrome center caps are sold and are not expensive. Since these center caps cover the majority of the wheel, and I am wondering if puting the chome center caps on the wheel would look good, even though the wheels themselves are non-chrome. Any thoughts?
  10. There is a little switch in the glove compartment. If the switch is depressed the top will not operate. Press this button and see if the top works. Hope this helps, Brett
  11. I had my transmission fluid changed at Jiffy Lube. It made a nice difference and the shifts are smoother and a bit quicker. :-)
  12. Dear Friends, I was browsing Advance Auto Parts today and I came across a Supercharger that appears to be compatible with the sc430. This is a "Weiand Big Block Chevrolet" Supercharger, and the part number is 7483. The price is $2,719.98. Has anyone had any experience with this particular Supercharger? Anyone else put a Supercharger on their sc430? How did the sc430 drive with the Supercharger? Was it too much power or just enough? Thanks in advance, Brett
  13. Well, I am no expert but the chip instantly made a difference and the car is much more fun to drive. I cannot quantify the improvement in HP or torque, but all I know is the car is more fun and feels more responsive...
  14. I put a K and N in my sc430 today. She seems to have a bit more power, and quicker throttle response. Nothing dramatic but worth a few dollars...
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