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  1. What part of the car is the "send receive remote unit"? Hi There, It send out and receives the the remote signal )and locks/unlocks the doors!)
  2. Does anyone know anything about replacing send receive remote unit costs and how to replace???
  3. Another method is to pull the 15amp ECT fuse for half an hour (this should clear all the rectified fault codes
  4. Take a paper clip and jump two of the slots on the OBD connector under the drivers side! The points to connect are the TC and E1 with ignition on but not the engine)
  5. This here is a tough one! I have an LS430 just approaching 100k. My remote keys will no longer lock/unlock the doors! I have changed the batteries on all my fobs. I have tried reprogramming according to instructions. The central locking works if I hit the switch inside the car, so all is connected there. The car locks if I touch the door handle when outside, it will not unlock it that way though. When attempting to program the fob or the key, I follow all the instructions but when I get to the part where I have to hold the lock and unlock buttons on the key, they cycle the locks constantly rather than the once its supposed to do. (so the remote key is talking to the transponder) if I use the key to gain access the door opens but the alarm goes off until I start the engine! None of the three key I have actually work now. Does anyone, anywhere have any ideas??? PLEASE!!
  6. The fuse is in the the kick panel inside the car! This is a common fault, the fuse blows at the slightest surge.
  7. :( Does any body know if the remote on the LS430 is fused? Mine has stopped working, the pull out key will open the locks manually and once inside, the lock/unlock switch locks and unlocks all doors. Also the doors will all lock at the touch on the handle. but wont unlock... The smart keys (two) both have new batteries. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have changed the batteries and tried to re programme the key and the remote and I got as far as the third open door sequence where it say put the key in and close the door then turn the key once then remove the key. As I did this the locks locked and unlocked and then I pressed the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously the locks the locks started locking and unlocking all the time. (till I took my finger off) surely this would indicate that the remote is not dead but I still cant get it to work after reprogramming the keys, the locks. Has ANYONE got a clue what could be wrong? After the last visit to the stealership I vowed never to darken their door again
  8. All is well now thank you gentlemen, I have no warning lights and no triangle of doom. I cannot buy Seafoam anywhere in Europe. But I will get some from the USA and try it! Thanks Card**** in PR Thanks to all! :D
  9. Thanks to you all for the replies and I will be acting on your advice. As I am the the UK and everyone else drives on the "wrong side" of the road I must assume the sensors are on the opposite side to your descriptions. I got my sensor from Rock Auto in the USA it arrived three days before the one my dealer tried to get me would have been delivered. and at a fraction of the cost, even factoring in the postage from Tennessee!
  10. My 2001 LS430 was showing the CEL and VSC. I bought from Rock Auto parts a new O2 sensor as per the OBD advisory, after fitting this the CEL is out and but the warning triangle is on (but NOT flashing) and so is the check VSC! Is this another oxygen sensor or something else. I am NOT going to the Stealership! (I'd change it for a Merc before I would go there!) Any ideas would gratefully recieved! :(
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