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  1. Well, It's my wife's ES and she's 62. Me, I'm 70 and drive an IS-F. Lou
  2. I just bought an F-Sport rear sway bar for my IS-F. The stock IS-F sway bar is 16mm. A nice upgrade for an '06-current ISX50. Both RWD and AWD. My car has 2K miles on it and has never been in the rain. Bushings are of course included. How does $60.00 plus shipping sound? Lou
  3. As you said in the other thread, no action here!!! I got Lexus to upgrade my DVD to version 8.1 for no charge, so I didn't have the hassle of doing it myself. Still waiting for your PM for other sites. Lou
  4. IMHO, the cargo net is the greatest invention since the glove compartment. There's always something in mine. It keeps things organized and in one place, and is a great place to hid things when the car is parked. How can you not like the cargo net???? Lou
  5. My wife's has a spoiler. She hates spoilers, this could have been a deal breaker when we bought it, but she really didn't seem to mind it on her ES. It is rather non obtrusive. It really doesn't look bad. It's a personal thing IMO. Get what appeals to you. Lou
  6. It's like a morgue in here. It seems all sections are pretty slow. The F especially. There are at least three other forums that I frequent with far more activity than we have here. Send me a PM, and I'll give you info on the other sites. Lou
  7. Not hard to do. Got this out of Wikipedia: Many Lexus vehicles are manufactured in Toyota's Tahara plant, a highly sophisticated, computerized manufacturing plant in Japan.[129] In 2005, J.D. Power and Associates bestowed its Platinum award for worldwide plant quality on the Tahara plant, stating that it has the fewest defects of any manufacturing plant in the world.[130] It was the fourth consecutive year that the Tahara plant captured this award. In 2006, J.D. Power named the Kanji (Iwate) plant, then the site of ES and IS model production, as its recipient of the Platinum award for worldwide plant quality.[131] Lexus manufacturing techniques include methods and standards of quality control that differ from Toyota models.[132][133] At the Tahara plant, separate assembly lines were developed for the manufacture of Lexus vehicles.[132][134] New molds and specialized manufacturing equipment were also developed for the Lexus production process.[134] Lexus plant workers, typically veteran technicians, are identified via repeated performance evaluations and ranked according to skill grade; only a select group of craftspeople are eligible to work on Lexus vehicles.[135] In addition, welding processes, body panel fit tolerances, and paint quality requirements are more stringent for Lexus models.[132][136] Wood inlays are matched by tree from sustainable plantations.[137][138] Assembly sites by model[10][66] Tahara, Aichi LS, GS, IS, GX Kyushu, Fukuoka ES, IS, RX Higashi Fuji, Shizuoka SC Araco, Aichi LX Cambridge, Ontario RX Lexus engines are tested by stethoscope-equipped takumi (匠, Japanese for "master craftsmen") engineers to determine optimum performance.[106] These engineers are responsible for maintaining production standards at key points in the assembly process. Production Lexus vehicles are given extensive visual inspections for flaws, individually test-driven at high speeds, and subjected to vibration tests.[132] The North American-market RX 350 (since the 2004 model year) is produced in the city of Cambridge, in Ontario, Canada, and is the first Lexus plant located outside of Japan. In addition to the Tahara factory, Lexus vehicles have been produced at the Araco, Kanji (Iwate), Kanji (Kanto Jidosha), Katashiki, and Kyushu plants in Japan.[10] As of 2008, most sedan and SUV production occurs in Japan at the Tahara, Aichi, plant in the Chūbu region, and at the Kyushu (Miyata), Fukuoka plant in the Kyūshū region.[66] [edit] Lou
  8. As I remember it is PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) Valve. I don't think it's a replacement item on a Lexus. Correct me if I'm wrong. Lou
  9. You can have your dealer program this "feature" out. That was my choice and my wife's choice. I see no reason to open everything up with the fob. Lou
  10. Banging the curb hard enough to cause curb rash, could very well knock the wheels out of alignment. I wouldn't fault the dealer here. Akebono is one of the largest manufacturer's of brakes in the world. Look here: http://www.akebonobrakes.com/ I would not be worried about using their products. The rear brake wear issue seems to be a well documented one. I have read about it in other ES forums. However, at 27K miles, I would not expect Lexus to foot the bill on this, but it wouldn't hurt to pursue the matter further. Lou
  11. +1. Neither do I. I had a 93 SC300 5MT with the Nak system. I replaced the 10" woofer and all the amplifiers. I left the head unit, the trunk mounted changer and all the other speakers alone. I had an amazing sound system in that car. Far superior to the ML system in my F. Lou
  12. I bet the vehicle has at least the premium package. Base ES350s with cloth upholstery are extremely rare. The base car is only available in Tungsten or Smoky Graphite. BTW, IMHO, $25K is not that great for damaged and repaired '07. I picked up a brand new '08 for my wife in November for $31K and change. Lou
  13. Of course this statement holds true, as it has for many years, but concerning my Lexus using 87 octane fuel, I have NEVER heard knocking(pre-ignition). On all my previous ES's, '91, '94, 03, 07, I originally started using 93 octane fuel, but switched to 87 since I didn't find any performance or gas mileage differences. Maybe you can tell me why the 6 cylinder Toyota Camry's requires regular grade fuel since the Lexus ES350 has the same basic engine....including the same compression ratio, etc. ;) You are correct, the Camry and the ES share a compression ration of 10.8:1. However the ECU is tuned differently to ekk out a little more horsepower and torque from the ES. My wife went from a Camry V6 to an ES, and she tells me she can feel a difference in power. I haven't driven either of her cars to make a decision on that myself, but I believe what she says. Now, since we know the ECU is tuned for premium and Lexus tells us to use it. Why wouldn't we? As has been said above, this is a $40K car, why not treat it as one. Lou