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  1. i have a 93 ls400 i had a starting problem that began when the temp was below 65 degrees, now the car will not start at all i dont know what the problem is it seems that it was the electrical so i replaced both coil packs that did not help so i replaced the fuel pump,filter, battery is charged checked fuses relatively new starter (5 months) please help it seems the fuel system is shutting down the electrical system and vice versa i dont know whats wrong please help thnx
  2. i cannot find my cold start injector i took off the intake and i couldnt find it any where i looked in the air plenem and i think the cold start sensor has to be the problem the car wouldnt start when it was below 65 degrees for a while but now it wont start at all so please help i need all the advice i can get thanx tim hattox
  3. i have read all the posts on the cold start sensor and have not located it i took off my intake and looke under it and looked thru the air plenem but seen no rod that sprays both ways i seen nothing in or under the intake if any help can be submitted please give location and the description of how it looks thanx for your help sorry guys i have a 93 ls400 and yes i am looking for the cold start injector and its location. thanx alot
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