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  1. Rey, You should remember that the user ratings in the Tirerack web site can be somewhat deceptive, as the "user" may not have been able to truly compare the various tire models. I would be more likely to believe Consumer Reports vs users unless a majority of users are reporting problems after a number of miles. JimsGX's experience is a good "sign", though. I wonder why Tire Rack doesn't sell Toyo tires? They used to. This may be another sign.
  2. According to Consumer Reports, the Michelin Primacy MXV4 tops the charts among "H"-rated all-season tires. They are available in 255/55/18 size and have the best rolling resistance rating along with better-than-average tread life. They are fairly expensive at $222 per tire. The Toyo Versado LX is listed among the "T" and "V"-rated all season tires, but did no better than 5th place (V-rated) and 9th place (T-rated). I must say that the Primacy's are also the quietest and smoothest running tire I've ever had an a vehicle. I'm about to put them on an LS430 that I just bought too...
  3. I was at the dealership yesterday and noticed a new RX350 on the showroom floor had the Michelin Latitudes on it...
  4. I put four Toyo Versado XL's on a Lexus LS400 last year and had problems with them. After mounting and road force balancing them at least four times, they couldn't get rid of vibrations / out of balance issues with them. They were 205/55/R17's I believe. I liked the look of the tire, but they just couldn't get them to run true. I ended up with Michelin Primacy MXV4's and have been extremely happy with them. The Primacy's are a much better tire than the Michelin Energy MXV4 S8 tires that came OEM on many of the RX400h's, but I don't think they come in the correct size for the 400h. Michel
  5. Was this a CPO Vehicle or a private party purchase?
  6. Larry, Your problem could be with the trunk wiring harness. In the 1st gen vehicles it's a common problem that causes a lot of weird things to happen like your seeing. Here's a link to give you a little info on it. If you do a search for "trunk wiring harness" you'll find additional info. Trunk Wiring Harness
  7. Given that your in the UK, the spec may be a bit different but on this side of the pond, the wheel definitely locks and there's a switch to disable the passenger airbag. Here's a link to a US 2007 RX400h for sale, the spec's note the ability to turn off the airbag via a switch... 2007 RX400h for sale w/spec's
  8. It may not be saying much for the RX line, but the RX350 is much more capable in snow than the 400h. I didn't realize when I purchased my RX400h that it would be so limited in its AWD abilities. I wasn't expecting it to be like my GX470, I know they're very different animals, but I made an assumption that it would be comparable to the RX350. I didn't have an opportunity to test its AWD capabilities prior to purchase. Hopefully Lexus is working on addressing the problems with the vehicle in this area. In the interim, maybe they should add an AWD disclaimer to the NAV screen at startup and
  9. This isn't a tire issue, it's a shortcoming of the vehicle. At times, the RX400h won't let you spin a tire when trying to get out of even a small pile of snow. At least this was the case with my previous 2007... I'd floor the vehicle and it would just sit there. No increase in rpm's, no tire movement.
  10. This was one of the drawbacks of the 400h that made me decide to get rid of it after a year. I experinced the same thing and thought it was such a joke that the car wouldn't move through a few inches of snow. I had come from a GX470 to the RX400h, so the 4WD/AWD differences were all too apparent for me. Back into aonther GX and I couldn't be happier...
  11. Since you mention its become louder on the passenger side, you may want to check the EGR pipe. It may be developing a leak.
  12. Try wearing polarized sunglasses. They do a good job in eliminating glare. I've used them for many years when boating.
  13. Hi, You may want to consider some options from this company. I bought four rims from them for an LS400 and I'm very satisfied with the quality of the rims and the price. They have both 17 & 18" rims to fit your RX400h. 5x114.3 I'd call them to verify fitment before ordering. 18" RX Wheel
  14. On your year vehicle I'm not sure. I know the general concept of how all HID's systems work and have experienced this problem with other aftermarket HID's. There aren't too many components to consider. Two ballasts, one or two relays, the bulbs and the wiring harness. In my experience, a ballast malfunction is what made the light go out. Jim
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