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  1. How often do you need to change the transmission fluid on 2006 RX400h? How much would the dealer service center charge for this?
  2. My 2006 400h does not automatically unlocks the door when I put the gear in 'P' position or pull out the key from the ignition. I tried set it by following the manual's instruction but couldn't. Does any of you have same prob.? Any solution? or Should I need to take my to dealer? Thanks.
  3. I have 2006 RX400h AWD and planning to go up to June Mountain (CA) end of Feb. It's gonna be my 1st winter driving (possibly in snow) w/ my 400h. Should be concerned or watch out for anything w/ my 400h? Thanks.
  4. Thks. Dave. Just hope it's doesn't develop to some serious...
  5. Hi all, I recently purchased 2006 RX 400h AWD, Certified Pre-owned, and beginning to realize that the front wheels have a second or two delayed response (has little kick) when I step on the gas from stop position. I don't know if this is normal for hybrid / AWD. Has anybody ever experienced something similar to my concern? Thanks. AJ.