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  1. I used a gear puller like you did but all it did on mine was push the spindle back into the bearing assembly. I ended up just hitting the sides of the hub and it came off. Then I turned the bearing assembly and backing plate over and hit the bearing a few times and it popped out.
  2. My cellphone charger suddenly stopped working in any outlet I tried it in so I tried in my wifes car to make sure it wasnt the charger itself. I also tried the cigarette lighter and that didnt work either. As I said I check all fuses per the ownwers manual but they were all ok.
  3. I just noticed all the power outlets (Cigarette Lighters) are not working in my 05 LS430. Checked the fuses for all of them and they are all good. Does anyone know if there is anything else I can check?
  4. I also installed XM myself in my 05 LS. Found it on eBay and it was very simple to do. Works great! No matter who installs it make sure you have the antenna mounted in the base of the third brake light, it looks much nicer than sitting on your trunk lid. Good Luck
  5. Same here, I bought 10 OEM Toyota filters on eBay for $40 including shipping. Paying $55 at the dealer got real old real fast.
  6. Dang, they must have removed the racks in the trunk before I bought mine.
  7. Very nice find, but I have to ask. What is a "Russian Mafia Edition"?
  8. I will give it a try, I ran the xm wire under the door sills and then under the back seat on the side and tucked it in between the back window and the back window deck. I now need to just get it in the third brake light.
  9. Im trying to remove my 3rd brake light to install an XM antenna. Has anyone removed one before? I don't want to damage it by removing it wrong. This is a 2005 LS430 Thanks
  10. Have you checked the Lexus website to see if your phones are completely compatible with your car? On there they have an extensive list of phones which work best with your car. I have had the same issues with my 05 but only because my phone isn't totally compatible. When my contract is up with Tmobile I will be finding a phone designed to work best with my LS. Here is the link> http://www.lexus.com/models/LS/accessories/bluetooth.html
  11. I just paid $16 at the dealer for 4 of them. Insane.
  12. Like my 2005, your system is in fact a sealed system. Lexus uses a long life tranny fluid in this system. As long as you are a normal driver who doesn't tow anything or drive in dusty conditions you are fine. You most definately do NOT want to have it changed every 30k. I have not read of one person on this site replacing this particular sealed trans before 150k.
  13. 10 characters? wow, how generous Lexus is. Maybe bands in Japan all have short names?
  14. I just installed the XM radio kit for my 05 LS and it's up and running. My question is when you push "Text" it is supposed to display the name of the song, the year it was released and the artist name. The problem is only partial names come up if the song title/Artist has more then a few words in it. The nav/display screen is more than adaquate in size to display the entire messege. Is this the best it gets or am I missing something like a display setting change. Cant believe they would put in a nice 6 inch screen but only allow 2.5 inches of text. Any ideas?
  15. Yes, you were correct. I just finished installing the XM kit and the trim around the Nav did not have to be removed. If anyone is considering installing this XM aftermarket kit I highly suggest it. After it's in you would swear it was factory installed. All controls are done on the Nav screen just like the CD and Am/Fm radio. The antenna is small and can be mounted inside the third brake light. Below is a helpful link to removing what needs to be removed to complete the work. P.S. In order for this kit to work I believe your system has to be XM/Sirius ready= i.e. Head unit has to have a "AM/SAT button" http://www.pro-fit-intl.com/Adobe/LX-52-01-p1.pdf