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  1. Hi all, I was driving last week and hit a ice stump on the side of the road. It caused my front bumper right by the right wheel well to crack. Is there any cheap way I can go about fixing this without replacing the entire front bumper? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Thanks all for the responses, How do I know if it is the motor though? I can still hear the motor working when I turn the car on and off, however, the ant just doesn't go up or down.
  3. Hi all, My left tail light has condensation inside of it. I was wondering if there is a way I can remove this to eliminate the condensation? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, My Antenna no longer goes up or down. Its not a big concern as I still get reception on my radio, however I was curious as to how much this problem may cost to get fixed? Thanks all!
  5. Sc300 is a 6 cyl. SC 400 is an 8. I'll sell you my sc400 for 8100k with 112k on it. Check out kbb for pricing.
  6. Hi all, I went to fill up my washer fluid canister earlier today and as I was filling I noticed liquid leaking at the base of the driver side front tire out of a little hole underneath the wheel. I'm pretty sure it was the fluid I was putting in. . . Any ideas on how to fix leak? Thanks.
  7. Hi all, wondering what the benefit of driving in overdrive is? Is standard with OD on or off? Thnx.
  8. Hi all, I know the car says premium fuel only. I was wondering if you can get away with mid grade or even regular. Is this a performance issue? Or will it actually do harm to the car? Thanks!
  9. Hey all, Here is my new SC400.
  10. Thanks for the info. I wish I knew how to work on my own cars. I actually got this one from an Audi dealership being resold. It appears it has been serviced regularly and had its 90k done to it at 102,000k. I just hope does me good. Anyone have any suggestions on how I could learn basic maintence work on cars? Something I wouldn't mind getting myself into and in the end save a couple of bucks. It does run great and its top end speed is excellent. Skizz, I bought a 93 SC300 in 1997 for about $16k when it had 90K on it. Initially I put about $2k in maintaining the car because the doctor who own it took poor care of the vehicle and then traded it for a Mercedes. Today I have 265k on the car and if I had not made a stupid mistake about a week ago (Long Story TLC screwup) I would still be running strong. I still plan to exceed 325k. I just love the car and it screams! If I do keep it and rebuild the engine or buy an engine, I want to put a single turbo and replace the AT with the MT. That would really boost an already great performance. I own a boxter also. I have more fun driving the SC. Good luck with your vehicle. If I had to guess (and there are so many variaboles) I would say that you could expect to get 300k out of the car if you take excellent care of it. My wife bought my car on site after our Lexus dealer gave it an A+ on the 150 point check. Then when I openned the oil cap a couple of weeks later I had to take a screw driver to remove the mud and sand. I thought I would die! So the Lexus dealer did get the front and rear seal replacement work (the $2k mentioned above). Here is the great part. The valve covers started leaking also, so I called the same service department that did the 150 point inspection, and replaced the front and rear seals. I asked my personal service manager what she thought I should do (this was all in a month). Her reply was, "Sir I think you need a new engine". She was serious and very lucky I was not standing next to her. After cooling off I called management and they were very regretful of the situation, but made no amends. My extended family has since bought 4 or 5 brand new Lexi's, but I made sure none was from them ;) Bottom line you are in probably in good shape if you take excellent care of your car. If you do not personally work on your own cars and do not have an OBDII reader you can plan on the "TD" package. Every Lexus comes with a secret "TD" code :D behind the model #. It stands for "Thousand Dollars". I do not care if you take it in for wiper blades....your bill in the end will be at least $1000. I'll never go back with my used vehicles. Same with my Porche. Just changed the MAF. Part cost $200 and 5 minutes to install. Dealer qouted over $1000. Good Luck
  11. Hi all, I just bought a black 1997 SC 400. It has a tan interior and in excellent condition and also 111000k miles. I'm hoping I'll be able to get this thing to 200k without bleeding to death in repairs / servicing. Do these cars hold up well? Performance, maintenence? Or should I have gone a different route? Thanks all,
  12. Yea, I noticed the Blue Book was quite a bit higher. He originally quoted me around 9,700 but said he would dip into the 8's. Getting inspected on Monday . . . so I'll have a better idea of what I'm looking at. Thanks for insight. S.
  13. Hi all, I just test drove a 2000 SC 300 that I'm contemplating purchasing. It appeared to be in great condition, except that I noticed, upon braking at lower speeds, that there was a grumbling sound that could be heard and felt underneath the seats. Any ideas on what this could be? I'm having my mechanic check it out on Monday before making the purchase, just thought I'd post and get some of your opinions as well. Thanks all, Scott