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  1. it will only start with both coil plugged in . take coil a loose it dies,plug it back in it starts, dont sound to good . dissconect coil b it dies. reconnect, starts and runs the same. willnot start with coil a or b disconnected.runs terrible with both connected. any ideas? please reply. thanks
  2. I unplugged each coil one at a time, will not start at all . any other ideas or advice? must not be a coil, right. it still starts fine but seems to be missing or flooding, no power. help. thanks in advance. MD91LS
  3. I left home for groc., got about 200 ft. almost died on me . went back home in reverse,shut it off.restarted fine with rough running and shaking, acts like its flooding, strong smell of fuel. cil on. pulled codes #21 #28 #71. any feedback would be appreciated. were should i start ?. thanks in advance,desperate. need car for work. thanks
  4. can I clean valve or ports, how to correct this? seems to be oil leak at bottom of timing cover or crank. cant tell were its from . HELP
  5. does it have to be done from under the car? or can it be removed/replaced from underhood. cant get past tranny cooling lines @ bottom. any ideas ?. HELP THANKS,MDLS91
  6. I have rear defroster and rear veiw side mirrors not working. i can hear breaker click when I turn it on and off,tried to reset braker. will not reset, possible trunk hinge wires or what could it be. thanks in advance for any info. md91ls
  7. thanks for the reminder,kind of got off track.
  8. cooling fan clutch bearing bracket/dealer $215.00 or rockauto/four seasons $137.99 + 8.45 s&h. in stock, 4seasons #45785.
  9. python, Oh but there is. you know, the thing between the engine and the thermal fan clutch that cools the radiator!.
  10. Since all LS400's are automatics I'm confused as to which part you mean. cooling fan clutch bearing bracket. md91ls
  11. need diy or info for changing clutch bracket only. without having to remove all covers again. 91ls400. thanks mejojo for reply. any more info? wicth nuts & bolts, easest way. trying to save time. thanks in advance for any ideas, I appreciate the help you guys give. md91ls sorry, I mean the cooling fan clutch bracket. without removing all TB replacement covers. thanks. please help md91ls
  12. How many miles on the vehicle? If you haven't replace the timing belt, might think about doing that too, since the process is fairly close to that; just a matter of removing the crank pulley and the cover and the timing belt is right there. N.C.O. timingbelt has been done by mechanic. what all needs to be removed just to replace clutch bearing bracket?. thanks md91ls.
  13. hey guys. good news. not my oil pump, turns out to be my fan clutch & clutch bearing bracket/assembly. anyone know how to remove clutch bearing braket? thanks guys, you been a lot of help. I apreciate your advice. new member md91ls
  14. I would get oil light sometimes on cold days,not very often. only when starting for firt time in a.m. . would stay on for one to four min. never in warm weather. does have some valve chatter on accelaration, ususaly @ about 1200 rpm,s. the noise @ idle sounds diferrent, sort of an intermitent rough or hollow sound. I dont want to roach engine. any more advice?. thanks guys, you are a big help. thanks again. md91ls
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