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  1. another thing you could do is either mod your intake or get a aftermarket one. i have a injen sc400 intake on mine and it sounds like a airplane when i drive down the street. "Wooooooooooooooooosh!" kinda like that. very powerful and menacing. you can just remove the air box and have the filter exposed or buy a rod millen filter and adapter or custom fit a sc400 intake in yours. doesnt help exhaust noise though, just the sound of the intake which is a big difference. and your gas tank in actually IN the trunk behind the rear seat. the hump under your trunk is for your spare tire
  2. check your throttle cable. very common issues. if the throttle cable is forward a little then the car thinks you are pressing the gas pedal. hince the lurch and maybe even a thump! here is the procedure for a 90LS your may be different transmission_servicing_at.pdf
  3. not really a wild guess kinda educated but have u thought about your tires/wheels being the cause. i can see your wheels being a little off balance for sum reason and you can only really feel it while driving under 15 mphs whenever you go over that you wheel spin makes it less noticeable. could this be the issue. try rotating the tires and see if u feel it in the front/back/sides or even replace each tire with the spare and see if it goes away. if so then... if not...?
  4. FIPG= Form In Place Gasket. BUY FROM TOYOTA!!!!! it will save u sum money. Fipg is this stuff in the pic but the red is the Trans/Diff (ok for coolant) fipg you need the black stuff which is made for oil apps. this red stuff will leak if oil contacts it. if u dont use fipg your gasket will leak again. trust me i had to change my cam seals and valve seals because i used red fipg. live and learn
  5. no problem at all but like eatingupblacktop said this topic goes on and on and on LOL. nothing personal tho. SW give me sum time and i will search these forums like indiana jones until i compile enuff links and info to have a ALL GEN LS FAQ. sounds simple enuff right?
  6. FOR THE LAST AND (HOPEFULLY) FINAL TIME NO PRE 97 ENGINE IS INTERFERENCE! I REPEAT NO PRE 97 ENGINE IS INTERFERENCE. sorry but this is the second most talked about topic on this site. here is some info DIRECT FROM LEXUS that will state the FACT that no engine built before 97 is interference. dont believe your neighbor mechanic or even me for that matter read it for your self. name of the article: "interference verification check for ohc engine.pdf" if you look at the legend you can see that "Manufacturer does not identify engines as having possible interference problems." non interference then look at the engines listed and see if yours falls under the list. can a Mod change up the stickys. those stickys are just about useless and most are outdated and have little useable info. interference_verification_check_for_ohc_engine.pdf
  7. yeah that is the area of the crank seal. you will need a harmonic puller with very small screws to get the crank sprocket(not pulley) off the oil pump. i haven't changed is yet since i have no access to it but if that one is leaking then the rear one might be also. look for oil around your trans. and make sure to use the oil fipg GENEROUSLY. when i replaced the rear seal i had to do it twice because of this.
  8. trust me i know very well how expensive these cars are. $1500 tune up on a almost 20 year old car LOL. even the parts alone ran me about $500 but thank God for sites like these and lexls for all the great and FREE info lol. i checked the coils with a multimeter and both check out at 12.25 and the repair manual states they should be between 10200-13800 so they are fine. i also checked my wires, extremely low!!!!! Denso first time fit wires; cost about $90 here are my ohms 1... 0.75 2... 0.89 3... 2.52 4... 2.31 5... 2.40 6... 2.25 7... 1.58 8... 1.61 c... 0.59 c... 0.85 thus why i LOVE denso products (PS both coils are denso originals and wires have 2-3 yrs on them)
  9. sounds kinda like your battery may be dead/going. whenever my batt is low everything will come on (interior lights etc.) but when i try and start the car the dash dims and i will hear "click, click, click." have your battery checked and if it is dead/weak then your alternator most likely is shot. very common. if you have skills with basic tools you can change the alternator your self or pay pep boys $75 to do it. also look into the power steering pump because it will kill your new alts until you fix the problem. also very simple buy a $1 PS hose. dont know why you are not getting much help but most members dont answer simple questions or topics that are very common that's what search is for so dont take it personally
  10. great answer simple and you got your point across LOL. I was thinking the same thing but i wanted to be a little cheap lol
  11. hello everyone long time no post hehehe. my LS has been running roughly for a few weeks and the root of the problem was the ign coil. long story short i fixed that but the car is still running rough. i pulled some of the spark plugs to find that they are dry fouling. for those who dont know the fuel mixture was not being detonated because the coil was not firing. only 4 of the plugs are dry fouled the other 4 are light brown in color which is normal. i saw the NGK IX iridium (same as ones in currently) at auto zone for $7 bucks each and was wondering if i can just buy 4 or should i just go ahead and buy all 8. i know that they can be cleaned but from what i read the fouling goes down deep into the electrode and the part that is cleaned is normally a small section that is exposed. any ideas on the results. im thinking long term. will the 4 older ones crap out before the new ones? are spark plug electrodes know to perform better when newer or do they just transmit a spark? the old plugs have about 30k or so on them. i was thinking about keeping the old ones in case i buy a toyota that needs plugs. never hurts to have extra stuff. Thanks for any and all help and Happy Easter
  12. sorry didn't even think of that. and you hit it on the moneyi have a 90 Ls thanks for the link
  13. hi everyone. i just removed my center armrest to run rca and remote wires to my trunk. now when i drive at night with my lights on the trans shift lights do not work. none. i can still shift normally but the lights do not illuminate. also on the dash when the car is in either park or drive the other light is on. i.e. when in park the drive light shows on the dash and when in drive the park light shows. i just took everything apart again to check and make sure everything was connected correctly and it is. what could be causing this? has anyone expirenced this before? thanks for any help
  14. hi guys, i am trying to hook up an aftermarket amp and sub in my LS but the power wire is a little short. i thought 17' would be enough but it stops just above the gas tank. i have 3 ft of ground cable which is more than enough but i am worried about the connectivity and maybe some heat issues since it is very close to the gas tank. i was thinking about cutting some of the ground cable and extending the power wire and soldering the two wires together then wrapping them in electrical tape. my other option would be to get an extra fuse and extending it that way. any suggestions?
  15. does the car jerk when you shift to drive or reverse. if so then you might need to adjust your throttle cable. common problem on LS'. also you can check the engine and trans codes if you go to very simple you can use a paper clip or small wire.