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  1. Thanks for your reply. Can you please tell me which hoses are you talking about? Also, the GX does not have a turbo, right?
  2. Hello Everyone, All of these lights came on for no apparent reason. I checked with computer based OBD reader, and I'm getting code P0049 (Turbo/Super Charger Turbine Overspeed). Weird code considering the lack of turbo or super charger on the GX. I cleared the code, but all lights came back after a few miles of driving. Any idea what code P0049 is pointing to? My truck is 04 GX470 with 74,000 miles. Thanks in advance
  3. So would you guys recommend Mobile-1 5W-30 for the GX? Thanks
  4. Hello everyone, I am thinking about buying a 2006 GX470 for my wife. I've been reading alot of reviews and forums, and one issue that bothered me is the stability of the truck at high speeds. Any truth to that? I read that above 65-70 MPH , that the truck is not very stable. Thanks in advance