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  1. My girlfriend's 94 SC300 pings like hell. I accused her of using regular, and she says she always uses premium. Must be something wrong. Any ideas? I don't mean a loud knock either. It's not a bearing. it's definitely a ping like bad gas, and it's been that way for a while now...
  2. I need to get some paint work done. Anybody know of a good and reasonable shooter in LA?
  3. The dealer wants $435 for the power steering hose. There has to be a better way. Also, where besides the dealer can I get the front licence plate braket?
  4. I've said it before...my girlfriend's 300 (with the bad lifter) feels more responsive to me than my 400. My 400 feels like a big boat. Her 300 handles better, to me. Maybe it's my imagination, but it seems like I can feel the extra weight of the 400, compared to the 300. The 400 sounds cool, but it isn't really very fast. But I'm a guy who had early 60's Vettes. And, maybe my 400 is slower than it should be. Also, my 400 is a '92, and it's broken down on me a few times, and I think I've only had it about eight months or so. So, I'd like a newer 300, for both the handling and the reliability. The problem is my budget...
  5. I had knock and ping in my 400 whenever I pushed it, and thought maybe the timing belt was off. Then someone said to run two cans of Techron(which I did) and I quit Arco and use only Chevron gas now, and the ping is almost gone. It's very slight now. But I still want a newer 300.
  6. Could I get your email/phone? Thank you.
  7. I've been looking for an SC300 with low miles for a long time. I'd really like to find a 95 or newer, with 50K or less. I know, it's tough, but they are out there. Anyway, there was a 93 SC300, with 46K, beautiful original, on Autotrader in Phoenix. I'm in LA. I called the man, and he was very cool. The car was $9400. Anyway, I could have been the first to see it. I checked on the plane ticket, and calculated the loss of pay(might have been more than one day to get it back here) and the cost of the mechanic's checkup) So, I'm about to go for it, and I made the fatal mistake of talking to my girlfriend, who said what if the car sucks, you'll miss work, pay big for the plane ticket...sucked the steam right out of me. Another guy bought it the next day, sight unseen!
  8. I came out of the camera shop today and my left front fender had been sideswiped. It looked like hell, with big wide scratches from mid fender to the headlight, looked like both white and black paint from the other car. The attendent said he didn't see anything. I was livid. Anyway, I come home upset, and grab the rubbing compound(the kind okay for clear coat) and my three stages of Meguire's cleaners, polish and wax. In twenty minutes or so, I got rid of almost all of the damage! I stared at it in disbelief. There was only a small place where the paint had been cracked, a line about three inches long. I laid some touch up paint into the long crack, and you can barely tell anything happened. A similar thing happened with a Nissan Altima I had a couple of years ago, and the paint just peeled off in a sheet!
  9. This kills me. I've always heard how "rare" the 5 speed 300's are, but I see 'em ALL THE TIME in the ads. And every ad claims that these are hard to find. If you watch autotrader as well as your local paper, you'll find one easily. The thing is, I figure the stick car has been run a lot harder than the auto. And if you buy it from some hot rod kid, bet that the motor is toast. Another key, IMHO, is aftermarket wheels of any kind.
  10. The car is worth whatever somebody will pay for it. Cars with miles that low are VERY hard to come by. I have, I hate to admit this, about 11K in my 92 400, with 83K. It's nice, but it's been a pain. For that mileage, it doesn't sound bad to me. And screw the sunroof. Who cares? Check it out on Carfax or Autocheck, to be sure the miles are accurate. And have a mechanic check it out. No offense, I think that if it's gold, it might be a little less desirable, but that's an individual thing. If it was black, you wouldn't have a chance; it would already be gone. In the end, is it what YOU want? Yeah, if you do an "ALL" search on Autotrader, you might find something else, but it might take months and a big airline ticket and you might go on a wild goose chase to find a piece of crap at the other end. Sellers LIE. I wish I could have found one with 50K. But I also wish that mine was a bit newer. I know that my advice is rambling and contradictory! Sorry. Go with your gut.
  11. I just had to replace the computer in my SC400. The electrical guy(who has been in business for 47 years!) said that "these things never go out." I replied that that is what people keep telling me, and asked what would cause a computer to go out. He said a power surge or jumping the car. Later, I remembered that a while back the car wouldn't start, and AAA jumped it with one of those new jump starter portable boxes. The AAA guy proudly told me that the new machine had "a lot of juice." This does not seem like a coincidence to me. I was really mad at the car.
  12. CR rated #1. Got them for my girl's 300, they're great. And at a good price. The owner of the tire store has them on both of his cars.
  13. The electrician originally wanted to get a "rebuilt" computer for $800, and then the labor was around $250, but I balked. He said a used one might only work for one week and then I'd be screwed. But I just could afford the $1100 hit, and I called around until I found a used one for $300. So, all the total damage for computer, labor, rental car, and some lost work time is probably about $750. And I'm praying that the used computer will work out. I'm suing the guy who sold me my girlfriend's 300 with the bad lifter that sounds like it's coming through the side of the motor every morning. His lawyer sent me a letter telling me to lay off. I'll post after we go to small claims.
  14. Got the car back. The electrical guy says he thinks it's a good car. It still pings though, so I bought another bottle of Techron. It was definitely the computer. The electrician has been in business for 47 years! Really nice old guy. He pointed to an old Porsche, the one with the V8 I think, and he said that he had to send to Germany for the computer, and it's $2200. So, maybe I feel a little less bad. Thanks for the support everybody.
  15. Thanks, but I tried the Techron, didn't help.
  16. In answer to questions...car wasn't cheap at all. It's gorgeous, 80K, was always garaged, owned by a couple in their early 70's! Not a scratch on it until I've had to park it on the street the last few months. Turns out the problem is the computer, another big ticket item. My only hope is that maybe, just maybe it was the computer making the car run crappy all along, with the "pinging" and no power. I'll find out when I get it back tomorrow. Maybe it's just bad luck, but I can't help but think that it's 12/13 years old and that's about when electrical stuff starts to go. I'm thinking of trading up for a 95/96 300, since to be honest, I like the feel of the 300 better. And the mechanics the last few days have been telling me that the six is a bit easier to work on and diagnose. The car is really nice. In fact, the lady backed out at the last minute crying, and the husband told me the deal was off. Then he called back later and said I could have it. Lucky me.
  17. My 400 broke down again Friday night. Would turn over but would not start. Had to tow it to a garage and get a rental. Today, this top mechanic admitted he could not fix it, so I had to have it towed again to an electrical shop. Four days on the rental and counting. A few days after I bought it, I had to do the water pump/timing belt. Fixed the seat. Fixed the ac. Had a problem before when it wouldn't start. Also had a weird flat tire due to the "age" of the chrome wheel. All in all, a lot of stuff for a short time, especially after the Camry that never broke one time in many years. Oh yeah, the car "pings" like hell when you kick it, so maybe the stupid timing belt is a tooth off! Even the most beautiful woman can get tiring if she's a pain. Now, the saga with the other Lex, my girl's 300 with the crazy loud lifter...you know what? I'm too tired to even talk about it.
  18. Funny, I posted about racing as a teen, and then my girlfriend walked in and told me three people died here in L.A. a few nights ago in a street race. Seems like it happens once a week here, and it's usually young guys from 17 to 24. You know, when I did it, it was on farm roads in rural Ohio in the late 60's/early 70's. Four in the morning, nobody else around. Sometimes there were dollars involved, so it was almost professional. Open headers, slicks, but still not legal. One friend of mine ruined his life forever in a street race. Paul was the happeist coolest guy you ever saw, and he had the prettiest girl in the high school. He also had one of the nicest cars around; a blue Nova with a hot 327. He had a fortune in this car. He also loved his girlfriend dearly, and they planned to marry one day. Yeah, you guessed it...she was in the car one night when he was racing, and he crashed bigtime. The girl died. And Paul was burned almost beyond recognition. He survived, but he was never the same. He wore a beard, and he also wore a great sadness after that. He never forgave himself, and I'm sure that her family never forgave him. I've done it, so you can call me an old hypocrite, but I'm telling you guys to be careful.
  19. Yeah, the thing is, you think SC400 and "V8", but...it's a REALLY tiny v8. What is it? 260 cubic inches? That's where Detroit started out! America 6 cylinders have more displacement. The SC is a beautiful cruiser that just about lasts forever, but fast it's not. Me and my buddies had 12 second street machines when I was a teen. Mostly "small" block Chevies, maybe one L88 big block Nova in the crew. A small block Chevy motor has about 70 to 100 more cubic inches than the Lex v8, and don't even compare the 260 to a 427/435! Dude, so what if you beat a Subara station wagon. I'm telling you, save the Lexus to impress the ladies, and get something else if you wanna race. If you break that Lexus, it's going to be expensive. I'll tell you a funny story. A few years ago a wealthy friend of mine got a new Porsche, and he wanted to impress me. So, we went out on the town, and he had his foot in it all night. We pull up to this light, and there next to us sits this raggedy-looking old Datsun 510(I think it was) I mean primered and nasty, with some gangbanger looking teenager driving. But the exhaust note of this old Datsun was popping. Not voooooomba. RAP!RAP!RAP! You could hear the motor taking the gas. Well, we got our asses beat three times that night. It was miserable for my friend. He was so embarrassed. I mean, the Datsun kid was slamming gears and pulling away strong after second gear each time. My friend just spent like 50 grand on a car that got eaten alive by an ancient Datsun. HOWEVER...later that evening, the ladies were able to appreciate the Porsche.
  20. You don't want to hear this. The Lexus is not a race car. It just isn't. If you want to drag race, you should get an old Chevy with a V8. Or even a ZX with a turbo. The appeal of the Lexus is different, in my opinion. I don't know, I was just thinking about how I wish I could have found one with 48,000 miles on it. These are gorgeous cars, one of the best looking cars on the road. Only maybe the Lamborghinni and the Aston Martin look as cool, and you're talking money in the stratosphere. That Lexus with 48,000 could last you the next ten years, if you treat it right. But if you race it, it's going to break and cost you big money. You could buy an old Nova/Camaro with a 327/350...
  21. The dealer wants $352, just for the parts, to tuneup my snail of a 400.plugs 12 x 8, wires $157, caps 25 x 2, rotors 13x2, air filter 23. plus labor. One mechanic I talked to said that you have to buy dealer parts because other parts are just not as good. The wires will burn up, etc. I always bought Napa(here in CA.) and I thought that there stuff was good. Where should I buy the parts for both good quality and good price?
  22. My God what a weird explanation, but it does make sense. I see the logic. We can't get 93 octane here in CA, only 91. No, I didn't have an in depth discussion, because my girl picked the car up, and when I saw the diagnosis and the cost, I thought it was crazy. I have no way to gauge the oil pressure, but no lights have come on at any time. The oil change probably brought the seven/eight second loud as hell knock down to a three or four second somewhat muted rattle that is still unpleasant. My mechanic says it's a lifter, and he'll replace all of the lifters and the timing belt for $950, which seems like a good deal, especially compared to the dealer. But after what you've told me, I better go to the dealer and talk to them. I'd hate to pay to fix the wrong thing. Thanks to everyone who has responded. It's very kind of you folks to help.
  23. This is the car with the morning "knock". I changed the oil, and the knock decreased, both in intensity and length. It doesn't knock as long or as loud since the oil change. The dealer says, "Noise when first starting due to carbon buildup. Top engine cleaning needed. If noise continues, needs head job, $2800." How could carbon make this knocking sound? And, why would an oil change have any effect on carbon deposits? And if it is carbon, why would it only cause a knock in the morning, and not later in the day? The engine runs good, has good power. In fact, I've mentioned before, this 300 has more guts than my 400. If it had really bad carbon, wouldn't that cause a decrease in power?
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