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  1. I should have posted the final resolution to the repair while I still owned the 2004 Lexus. I took it to the dealership and they admitted that they were scratching their heads trying to identify the source of the parasitic battery drain. They eventually identified it. It was the driver seat lumbar support! I opted to have it disconnected rather than fixing it, and that took care of the problem.
  2. Thanks Paul. I came across this article the other day. Not sure how much of it could be applied to my vehicle without being cost prohibitive, but interesting... http://www.ehow.com/how_6304133_can-make-car-ride-smoothly_.html
  3. Just purchased a CPO 2012 RX 350 AWD with 55K miles and am also disappointed in the roughness of the ride. The dealership adjusted the air pressure in the 18" tires but found nothing else wrong. The vehicle's repair history shows that one rear shock has already been replaced due to leaking. My previous vehicle was a 2004 RX 330, purchased at 55K miles and traded-in with 180K. During my ownership, the shocks had never been replaced and weren't leaking at trade-in. It had a softer ride. The dealer said the RX's headed in a different direction since my 2004 model. Also told me that the 2012 is built on a Camry frame with the newer versions on a Highlander frame.
  4. I have a 2004 RX330 so there's much I can tell you. First, I was told by two former Lexus mechanics that the timing belt is NOT interference. Supposedly, I had mine changed at 90K, along with the water pump by a nonLexus mechanic in Chantilly, VA. Another former longtime Lexus mechanic recently changed the drive belts and told me it looked as if my timing belt was never changed because the bolts that would need to be removed for access to the belt had no impressions in them (and removing them would leave impressions). When I looked at the itemized receipt from the 90K maintenance, lo and behold, no timing belt was listed under parts in spite of the job being listed as one the jobs to complete. Sadly, there are lots of disreputable mechanics. IF the belt was never replaced, that means mine has lasted over 150K miles. I plan to trade in the car soon, so if it breaks, I'll have it towed. Here's something interesting. I'm shopping for a newer RX and if you look at the 2011 maintenance schedule on the Lexus website, timing belt isnt even listed. Is it "lifetime"? Is it one of those things that doesn't need replacing till it leaks/breaks/look worn during an inspection? I can tell you, I still have the original shocks on my '04 and have been told that they don't need to be replaced unless leaking.
  5. After months of parasitic battery drain, I was told by my mechanic, a former Lexus mechanic, that the multiplex body control module is what's causing the drain. The car has 157K miles and I hadn't planned on doing another repair before selling it. Where is this part located, what labor has to be done to replace it, and is it possible to get a refurbished one that will work with my existing key? My mechanic says it's possible this is related to an accident in which the headlight was replaced, so the case is being reopened with the insurance company. Since the servo motor is also going bad, should I just trade in the car?
  6. Based on what I've read on this thread, I'm going to replace the front brake pads on my all-wheel-drive RX330 with semi metallic, because that's I had installed on the rear a year ago. My question is, does the type of rear rotors I've already installed, or the fact that I'm using semi-metallic pads dictate the type of rotors I should pick (reg, slotted, or drilled) or does the car model itself dictate that choice?
  7. Was checking on scheduled maintenance and saw your post. Does this actually mean the tranny fluid NEVER has to be replaced????
  8. I'm not knowledgeable about cars, but here is my experience with the 90K checkup. The timing belt seemed to be the big labor item when my RX330 had its 90K checkup. I had the work done by a former Lexus mechanic who now has his own shop, and replacing the water pump was included (which was recommended being done in conjunction with all the labor needed to replace the timing belt). My price in the DC area was $1100. After the work was done the car seemed noisier and had a slight vibration that I could feel under my foot. When I took the car to the dealership and asked what the cause might be, the head mechanic said sometimes the belts aren't tightened enough. I then called a friend who is a former Lexus mechanic, and he said the timing belts are self-tightening. So, to get to the point, if the timing belts really are self-tightening, maybe a Lexus-knowledgeable mechanic, rather than the dealership might be less expensive and just as good. As for your brakes, could it be that they are checking them rather than replacing them?
  9. I'm a details gal, Tom, so thanks for that extra info on the torque wrench!
  10. Thanks for your quick responses everyone. I'll definitely avoid the cross drilled rotors, and it sounds like OEM is best, but as with Akebono making Lexus brake pads, I still wish I knew which company is making Lexus OEM rotors.
  11. Who makes the OEM rotors for the RX330 and is does it make a difference over aftermarket? Also are cross drilled rotors better?
  12. I purchased a Toyota Platinum 5 yr extended warranty when I purchased my used 04 RX330 from a Toyota dealership. First, let me say that I love my Lexus, but I am concerned about the integrity of the individuals at the dealerships. Since I've traveled with this SUV from Northern VA to Florida to Texas, I was able to make some comparisons. As an example of inconsistency, the Jacksonville, FL Lexus dealership charged me for resetting the function for closing the sunroof (something that's needed each time there is a loss of power or battery replacement). I told them the setting for closing the sunroof had been incorrect since I purchased the vehicle, so they told me that since it happened before I purchased the vehicle it wasn't covered. The dealership in Northern VA correctly stated that it's covered. In Texas, the Lexus dealership was phenominal. They gladly covered/replaced an item that was not caused by a Lexus malfunction but was instead due to a malfunction of the iPod car charger I was using. The question is, how can you tell if the item should be covered but the dealership is giving you their "interpretation" of covered?
  13. My Bridgestone Dueler H/L's came with my used 04' 330, so I can't comment on the miles, but I do like them. The dealer told me the OE tires will be quieter, though they won't last as long. Tires are so expensive that I'll opt for the longest wearing over noise reduction. Any other suggestions for quieter tires that last? I don't need to worry about traction in the snow but rain traction is important.