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  1. Thanks! I actually bought both my Land Cruiser and my LX450 used, and neither of them came with owners manuals, but thank you for clearing that up for me!
  2. Hi all A couple of weeks ago I picked up a 1997 LX450 with 167K miles on her. So far we love it! I had a '94 Land Cruiser before, but unfortunately she was totalled in an accident :( I really love the character that these old tanks have, and I'm looking forward to working on my LX. She's a worthy addition to the stable. I do have a question re: the oil level gauge. I had the same problem in my Land Cruiser before: when I am idling at a stoplight, the oil level gauge drops to low, but when I accelerate, the needle rises to between High and Mid. Is this normal? I just did an oil change, and the dipstick level showed the level was around where it should be. The low oil light does not come on. Thanks, and I'm looking forward to learning more from the forums, and hopefully I can contribute too!