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  1. hi all.. hope someone has some idea... I am hearing a strange sound from the left front side of my 2013IS... best way I can describe it is if someone put a playing card in the spoke of a bicycle. I took the wheel off today.. wheel and tire look fine, no lumps or imperfections. The brakes have about 5k miles on them and look fine. The rotor spins fine and no imperfections. Any ideas would be appreciated thanks.
  2. They have these spots at Best Buy in Brooklyn.. was surprised to see them.. Although ANYONE parks in them... was great to see a Hummer parked in it once...
  3. So do they make more noise than the Responsedge? I am using my original Michelin's and have 35K on them in NYC. Shopping for new tires now... So I need tires that can handle rain and snow since I will not swap them out. Would these qualify?
  4. That makes sense.. But I just installed the filter, new out of the box... Maybe it had too much oil on it; I will open it up and take a look to see what the inside is like.
  5. Whew.... Thanks guys.. I get panicky when I start to see "oily" stuff around....I've never armor all'd the engine area... But I will look inside the air filter this wknd....
  6. Hi all... I just changed my air filter and noticed this part that looks like it's leaking something.. Does anyone know what it is and should I be concerned about it? It's a 2006 400h..Thanks.
  7. correct.. was not going for brighter, necessarily.. was going for the color and effect...
  8. I'm with Progressive in NY.. Same thing.. rate hike of $125/6 months... I have to call them since my payment is not due yet I recevied my bill.. should be interesting. OK.. so they said it went up "because of the cost of doing business".. WTF! really?!?!? that's their reasoning!
  9. I'm not 100% sure, but they are so bright that I wonder if they would overexpose photocameras!??!? Is a $50 ticket worth that info?!?! lol...
  10. Ahhh... you make a good point.. :) Plus the advantage of the lights is that it makes it MUCH easier to see in reverse on the screen since it lights it up nicely!
  11. Ok... So I got these: http://cgi.ebay.com/...sQ5fAccessories and finally installed them!!! What an ordeal... For some reason I missed that CDULUK mentioned that I had to take off the interior AND exterior chrome plate... So when I openned the itnerior I kept thinking how the hell do I get these out through these little holes!?!?! So I finally realized what eneded to be done.. I started taking the bolts off and 2 of them just wouldn't budge! Well they were broken on the chrome plate side.. So I needed someone else to hold the plate while I stretched inside to unscrew while he kept tension on the plate... A few scratches later (on my hands) and it was off and easy to pop-in and to replace all of the moldings back, glue the broken screws, etc... BTW, as you see in the pics, there's the little while nub (in middle pic)that also has to be maneuvered (or pushed out!)... There are 5 or 6 bolts that need undoing and 1 white pin as seen in middle pic to push out. The end result looks great! very clean and white and bright. Thanks cduluk!
  12. hi all.. here's a silly Q.. .does the 2006 400h have a light in the glove box? if so, where is it? thanks.
  13. So I ordered the ones from ebay and this is the wknd to change them.. do you happen to have any pics of how to take the panel off or do you know about where the clips are located?!? Thanks.