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  1. Hi, I'm not even yet sure it is the bulb.. I still need to verify that it is the bulb by taking the working bulb from the driver's side and plugging it into the passenger side. I want to rule out the ballast. I just want to know how to remove the bulb...... there is nothing in the manual about it other than stating to take it back to the dealer. I spoke to my dealer and he said I may need to remove the bumper. I just would like to know the steps and if it can be done without removing the headlight assembly.
  2. Hi, the bulb stopped working now that I reached 50,000 miles. How does one go about replacing this bulb? I saw Gen 1 required that you remove the fender liner and the entire headlight assembly. I was able to remove the white tabbed plastic cover even though it is pretty tight in that area. I assume the assembly must be removed but I'm hoping it can be done without tampering with the bumper. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to know if anyone has purchased those lower priced HID bulbs from China advertised for about $25 each. A big difference from the Sylvania prices at the auto parts store that sell for $130.
  3. Hi, Does anybody know where this switch is and how to get to it? Or better yet, have a picture of it? Thanks
  4. Hi, I disconnected the cable going to the resevoir and it didn't make any difference.. the BRAKE light is still on. I looked at the cap and I don't see anything in that cap that would work with or as a sensor. But I did find something out after I grabbed the box where I put the old pads in. When I pulled out the old pads, I didn't realize there was a clip attached to the piston side pad. I'm thinking that clip has a purpose. Am I right? Thanks, Alex
  5. Hi, I am very confused about this. After replacing the front brake pads on my 2005 RX330 I noticed the fluid in the master cylinder was about 1/4" above the max line. I wasn't sure if this would be a problem. I started up the car, pumped the brake pedal a few times until it felt normal and proceeded to take my test drive. Half way down the driveway the brake light came on. I did a google and found a few messages regarding low fluid. I removed the inner cap so I could soak up enough fluid to get the level just below the max line. The light is still on. Anybody else have this problem or know what I need to do? Thanks, Alex
  6. Hi, I just took delivery of a 2005 RX and I have a couple of questions that somebody might know the answers to. First.. the radio!!!! When i was test driving a 2004 RX, the radio did the usual display of station, artist and song. The 2005 just shows MSG on the display and I have to press the TEXT button to see the station, artist and song title. The manual doesn't indicate how to enable the scrolling so I'm thinking the radio is defective. The radio was the same style of 6CD radio without the NAV. My daughter can setup exactly how she wants her remote to work for her Jeep via a nice text menu on the car's info screen. But according to the manual, I have to have the dealer disable the chirps and flashing lights as well as if I want the windows and skylight to open with the remote. I think the owner should be able to do this. Thanks! Alex