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  1. Hello, My right fog light went out. Anyone change one themselves? Any advice?
  2. How do I replace my fog lamp? Is this something I can do myself?
  3. A dealer told me today it will be RWD! ;( I'll just keep the RX AWD too then.
  4. I'm guessing it will start at 39,995.. any other guesses?
  5. Nope, no accident that involved the sides of the car... just hit a deer and had a new front bumper...
  6. So has anyone heard if it will be AWD or even a price yet??
  7. My RX is losing paint on the door handles... the clear paint is chipping off of every door handle on the car. Anyone else experiencing this?
  8. I thought a hardtop convertible may be better able to handle the winter weather than a traditional convertible top... Has anyone tried out a hardtop convertible? How does it hold up in the winter?
  9. Anyone know if the IS Convertible will be AWD? Anyone hear anything regarding the cost?