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  1. Exactly. A very small fan is located on the bottom of the seat and it sucks air right from there. BTW, my passenger's seat is also "cooling" better then the driver's seat.
  2. I want to know that too. H60Blackhawk, how many miles do you have on the odometer?
  3. I had the same problem with my previous car... I think that a Window Regulator Motor Reset Procedure would help and your dealer should make it for free. Just a thought. Brian
  4. Hello. My name is Brian and i'm located in Czech republic. At this time, i do not own any LS model, but i hope it will be very soon.... Not sure if my post would be helpful or not, but i was today at our Lexus dealer here to look-over some 460's. While i was there, i asked the sales manager about the lockout, if they are able to deblock the Navigation/DVD function. His answer was: "Yes, no problem. We can do it for free at our shop" I also asked if they are using some aftermarket units like VAIS(if i'm not wrong) or so and the last thing he said was that they work only with OEM tools. On my opinion, every US/CAN dealer is able to unlock the features above. So probably, the "problem" is with Lexus USA. Just a thought. My English is not of the best ones and i'm sorry for that! Brian