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  1. oh, the way i tested the coil was just unplug it while the cars running. If it's good the idle should seriously mess up, if nothing happens it's probably bad. Plug it back in and unplug the other coil just to make sure, if that one good and the others bad the car will die
  2. dang, that happened to my mom's car and my car when I changed the water pumps on ours, hers a 94 mine a 92. It turned out on her I forgot to plug the MAF sensor back in(I know, dumb) but it ran almost exactly the same and also I had put the passenger side rotor on backwards. So maybe you should check those but since you said it ran good for a while it might not be. My car the 92 what had caused the rpm signal 2 code was i guess some water got in the coil on the top, thats the rpm signal 2, the coil went bad so i replaced that fixed that code; then, the knock sensor was when i had reran the kno
  3. I Have 20's on my LS 400 and the ride quality is still good
  4. well its almost a year later and my water pump went out again; so I replaced the spark plug wires and rotors and water pump again and what do you know the hesitation has gone away. the car runs smooth as ice again. I suspect the problem was the rotors, however on occasion at driving highway speed the check engine light comes on and says it's running lean...but it doesnt really seem to be. I wonder what that could be?
  5. Oh, well when I removed the fuel filter I would prime the pump to see if it was working and a nice flow of gas came out so it works fine. As for the distributor cap and rotors, I think its been a while since they've been replaced; but, I might have replaced them when I changed the water pump witch was about 6 months ago now. I can't really remember I'll have to check on those.
  6. like $15, I cut out some brackets for the EGR pipe and and the valve, than capped all the vacuum lines. I just copied the kit from lextreme; better than $100 for a piece of metal and bolts, and a lot better than $200 for a whole new valve. I noticed when I took the valve off there was a very large amount of "soot" I guess you'd say layering the intake manifold where it connects. I tried my best cleaning it but it was pretty tough and I didnt get it all off. and when you say "did I check the pump itself" you mean the EGR valve? if so than yes I did; it was stuck closed... So could it be th
  7. my check engine light came on and it said it had an egr malfunction so instead of replacing i deleted it since i am poor, the check engine light is now off; my vaccuum lines all seem to be in good condition and the car only hesitates when cold now. could it be the ports from the egr are so dirty on the intake that its still some how messing with the performance?
  8. i have them on my ls400 and i like them ive had no problem i have nittos on them and they ride smooth but yeah you just have to avoid a lot more pot holes.
  9. yeah i do everything myself, it wasnt that hard but make sure your on empty before you do it. i didnt and ended up waisting like 10 gallons of gas
  10. well i just changed the fuel filter and it fixed it quite a bit, it still has a slight hesitation but not half as bad as before, next im gonna try the injectors and see if that works. you might want to try that too slicclex
  11. can you oil the K&N's with WD-40 or would that be worse than just buy the recharge kits they have?
  12. do you still have any parts? if so do you have: Intake Air Chamber A/C compressor Stock radio head unit and how much for each, thanks
  13. those are nice,congrats on the deal. But you cant go wrong with the 20"s. the car sits a little bit higher but it just makes it easier to change the oi l
  14. 92LS400...s/c?


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