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    Photos from AMSOIL events and shows
  2. Rookielexus, Welcome, if you do not have prior vehicle service records I would recommend changing the engine oil and filter, transmission pan service to insure the transmission is in good condition and then perform a transmission fluid exchange. This is an easy process to complete if you have mechanical skills and do your own service work. If not any competent shop should be able to complete for you. I would also recommend at some point changing the fluids in the differential. The engine holds 5-quarts of 5W-30 or 0W-30 oil; the oil filter is an AMSOIL EaO57 or WIX 51348; the air filter is a
  3. This album contains photos of the racers that I have sponsored in the last three years. My current sponsored rider is Ralph Longus. He races a Buell motorcycle and had an amazing season.
  4. AMSOIL universal ATF will work just fine in the Lexus transmissions. It meets the specs for most all transmissions except for Ford Type F and the new CVT transmissions. I just did a pan service and flush for a customer and she said the transmission shifts better than ever before. She had 82,000 without a service. The old fluid looked like chocolate milk.
  5. A 2006 model holds 5-quarts of oil. The viscosity would be a 0W-30 or 5W-30. The WIX filter number would be 51348. Let me know if you need any additional fluid capacity information. If you model is something other than a 2006, let me know and I'll recheck the capacity and filter part number.
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