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  1. I agree. I would like an alternative to the black interior but I do not find the pale beige or gray interior to be rich looking. Also, most of the loaners with light interiors look dirty to me. A saddle interior would be a nice change.
  2. I'm glad Lexus has such a good reputation for a long life because I like my 2008 and this 2013 does less than nothing for me. Only 57K miles on mine so I'm hoping I can make it to the next version (2019?) before getting another. I got myself a second car so i'll be adding less mileage to the ES.
  3. Just for my information, why do members dislike the Bridgestone Turanzas? I have a 2008 ES350 with the original P215/55R/17 Turanzas. The car is very quiet, rides likes glass and I've never had any problems getting through snow in the last two Cleveland winters. Last week I brought the car in for the 35K service. Odometer had 37,910 miles on it. Dealer recommended a buy new tires for it because each tire showed 4-5/32's tread left. They normally recommend replacement at 3/32 but during the winter they suggest changing at 4/32. He suggested Michelins (without being specific) for over $1K (choke). I passed. I read here that everyone loves the Michelins but there are comments to expect 30K mileage life not the 50K warranteed mileage. Yet the Turanzas will go 40K before hitting the 3/32. Just wondering. Thanks
  4. Congratulations on the car. I also really like the color combination but I wish Lexus would put darker carpets with the parchment and gray interiors. The light colors get dirty too easily.
  5. "No such feature on the 2010. Holding down lock will roll them up...but holding down unlock doesn't roll them down like it did on my '03." That is too bad. My 2008 ES350 has it and that is one of my favorite features of the car; hit the button through my office window and by the tiem I get to the car it has cooled down.
  6. Metro Lexus in Cleveland, OH has given me an ES (no Nav), an IS (which I found too small) and a 2010 RX (which I'd never buy with that mouse). All were clean and odor free. I don't think they have none Lexus loaners.
  7. I have a 2008 with Nav. Recently got a postcard from Lexus advertising (I think) version 9.1 for $199 plus installation. I was also wondering if the new version is that different. Does anyone know how to find out how much changed? In terms of new roads, corrections or add'l POI's? Don
  8. I drove the TL before I drove the ES350. Just my opionions I disliked the TL because it seems like every single function of the Audio system, HVAC and Navigation have their own button the dashboard and/or the steering wheel. I thought it was incredible busy looking and gimmicky plus took too much time to sort through while driving it. Unfortunately for Acura, I am one of the few who didn't mind the new styling, especially in the dark greyish brown color. However, the unit they pulled for the test drive shook so bad the salesman had to take it straight into the shop after I drove it. the test drive didn't really make the best first impression. My first drive in an ES350 was during an incredible thunderstorm and I still loved it. I saw the MKS in the showroom; I thought they did a nice job on the dash and front row but the back seat was cramped and somehow they made it incredibly cheal looking. In hindsight, the ES still does it for me.
  9. Wouldn't that depend on what kind of driving an owner does? Stop and go in the city versus open cruising? For example, 2/3 of my 30 mile commute each way is spent trying to avoid speeding tickets and I have long lead time for the exit rather than wearing out break pads with starts and stops. For a service rep to make a blanket statement either no one has open highway where you live or he is setting the ground out to change wear parts as often as possible.
  10. The dealer relocated the xm antenna today to the rear shelf. I am a lot happier now without that ugly thing on the trunk. No problems at all with the signal. Why can't Lexus be like most other manufacturers who have XM and Sirus ready radios have the shark fin or some other system other than a dealer installed antenna. This is ridiculous!!! I enjoy my XM on my 05 ES330 but still hate the ugly toothbox size antenna the dealer installed on the truck. I will probably buy and 08 this month and ask to have the antenna installed on the rear deck but Lexus needs to resolve this as it detracts from the appearance of the car! Doesn't Lexus have the shark fin antenna on other models? The IS and the LS both have the shark fin, so I don't understand why Lexus decided not to put it on the ES. [/When I got my ES last November, I asked the salesman about that. He was quite candid. The everage age of the ES owner is the highest of all the Lexus models. Statistically, this older group do not buy Sat Radio. Therefore is wasn't worth Lexus's money to put a sharkfin on the ES. IMO, Lexus tries harder than any other car maker to suck funds out of its clients so I'd have to accept that logic as mathematically correct. Personally, I think they should add the fin and a better standard radio to attract a few more 'younger' customers.
  11. I got my ES350 last November. When I asked about a remote start, the salesman told me that Lexus had discontinued putting remote start on keyless start cars because of 'problems'. I can only assume no one has mastered security control on the car without having a key inserted. It would be nice. For the summer, I have enjoyed using the remote to open the windows and roof from a distance to vent the car before I get in.
  12. Kyle, That is what I thought too, but stats show otherwise. Also surprised me how few senior citizens get the NAV system with it rearview camera. I'd think seniors would want that (more visibility, less need to twist to see behind you) but very few new ES's in FL had the camera on the back.
  13. I'm 54 and bought my 2008 ES350 last November. I am also surprised by the young owners here. I think it is a great car but not one that attracts the younger generation. The salesman told me that the ES has the highest average age of any Lexus model. He said that was why the car does not come with the shark fin for the satellite radio; it seems people in this advanced age group do not generally get Sat Radio so Lexus decided it wasn't worth adding the fin. I was at my father's place (a retirement community in Florida) this weekend. I figure I'll fit right in in about 10 years. Literally about every 5th car was an ES of some vintage.
  14. My ES does not have that problem and I have not heard of it a lot in this group. I suggest you read the GS300/GS330/GS430 posts because that model has a lot of problems with dashboard rattles and there has been a number of good posts on how to best handle it. Good Luck