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  1. Hi, Its a separate monitor and it will sit on my dash on a stand
  2. Thanks so much for the reply! Its highly appreciated and helpful!
  3. Thanks for the response! But, its not to install a backup monitor, its to install a lcd monitor. I just cant figure out where to splice the 12V and the GROUND wire to? Do you have a wiring diagram or something for the 97 es300 or know by any chance which colors those two wires are? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I need to install an lcd into my car and it has a Ground Wire and 12V Wire and i need to know what to splice them to? So i kind of need a Wire diagram. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Hi, I have had trouble installing my Monitor into my 97 ES300. There is a GROUND WIRE and 12V Wire to power the device, but i dont know where to connect them to? Can someone please help? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I am having trouble installing a new Kenwood KDC-MP208 to my 97 lexus ES300. I have removed the dash and have the right wire harness and dash kit. But, on the back of my stereo there are Speaker wires that aren't being occupied. But i was told that if i connect the RCA cables to the amp, the speakers will work. Theres only one problem; I cant find my amp. I have a 1997 ES300 w/Premium Sound System. Does anyone know where the amp is and where the RCA cable is for it? Thanks and PLEASE HELP!
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