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    I currently own a 97sc300 with 63K miles on it, and is offered for sale here in CA. I only really purchased this car back in 06, as I always wanted one of these cars. I realized it was not for me, (too small), and it has sat over the years with regular start up and oil changes. I also have a 98LS and 01 rx (wifes car). I personally wanted the 300 over the 400, but that just my opinion. Anyway, good luck with your decision.
  2. Thanks all for your suggestions. I ended up getting some last night, and thank God the search is over! :D
  3. Hey All: I had a similar issue with my 98, when I purchased it at the end of last year with only 23K miles. At first, I had no idea the trunk had any leaking issue. I noticed a musty/moldy smell whenever I opened the trunk up, and it was irratating as hell! The inside smelled pretty new for a 10yr old car. I ended up tearing apart the trunk to figure out where it was coming from. First I checked the water vents (not sure if thats what their called, but they basically let water drain that may get in from road), on each side to make sure there was no clog. Then I sprayed the car from the outside with water down the cracks on the trunk. Sure enough, one side was leaking and going to the bottom via the side wall. I went to Home Depot and bought some silicone, and siliconed the entire seal/lining back onto the car. Let it dry, and after a week tested it out again to make sure the leak had gone. Took me over 2 weeks of spraying the trunk with lysol and cleaning the entire area by filling up a spray bottle of bleach and water, to get the nasty smell out. Thank God the smell left and the trunk is dry! Good luck!
  4. I just bought a set last week that I found on our local craigslist. 18" chrome with almost new dunlop tires. Seller wanted $1200 for his 5 wheels/tires set and I ended up buying 4 for $800. There's a chrome set (wheels only) on Ebay for $1,450. Thanks 1966. There are currently no originals on right now, except one seller for $2K+ too much! Let me know the link or auction id if you can.
  5. If anyone has a set collecting dust and wants to sell, please let me know as I am trying to find some that are fairly priced. Please email me your contact info. Thanks! :D
  6. Thanks Mr LEX! What size spacers did you use on the front & back? Also, what suize studs are needed for the front?
  7. So recently got a 98 ls. Love the classic/factory look of lsportline kits, and had one on my last gs. I know company went out of business, but thought maybe someone had a deadstock or used kit/parts for sale. Looked all over the net. Anyone know where I can find any parts for a 98-00 new or used? Thanks, and hopefully someone has a take off sitting in the corner of their garage
  8. Thanks for your response. They are Lexani Crystals. For being on 4 different vehicles, they are definitely troopers! For myself, I think they look asewome still, and dont feel a need to get new ones, although I have been eyeing some Lowenharts. I'd rate em a 8.5/10, as I get all my cars regulary detailed. By the way jcrome, your car is tight....and always clean. I think I have seen you on the autopia site as well. Detail shop??? Right now I am going through a crash course on the fine techniques of auto detail, and learning that everybody has their own method of how it should be done! Too bad I live in CA and cant swing by to get it done at your place. Road trip?
  9. So I just found out that my 20" rims will not fit my 98 lexus ls400! :( I was always under the impression that they would bolt right on. So the story is that I have a set of 20x8.5 (all around), that have been on 2 of my GS's (96 & 01), and my sc300 (97). I just recently put 2 new tires on my front rims, and came home and tried to put one on the4 front of the ls. The rims fit the lugs fine, but the wheel is having some type of interference with the brake assembly, so it will not turn smoothly. This will probably be the case for the back, but I have not tried. I am thinking (hoping!!!), that I will need spacers all the way around, but must go to a wheel shop to be certain. Has anybody dealt with this issue before? Please let me know your input if you have. By the way, HAPPY VETERANS DAY to all that have served our country. Thanks!
  10. I have a 98 with 24K miles, and my vsc turned on for no apparent reason while car was parked and warming up. I noticed the engine starting reving a little bit higher while I was standing in my garage doing something. Much to my dismay, when I went into the car the "check vsc" light was on, along with my check engine light. Shiut the car off, and turned on, but still there. Did it again with no luck. Finally I just decided not to leave as I was pi$$@ed at this point! Long story short, went back 40 minutes later, and it was gone. Drove the car with no problems. Not sure if it happened because I disconnected the battery a few weeks ago. Same thing happens then, but it is normal (check manual to reset). Any idea why it might have done that?
  11. Thanks for your suggestions/thoughts. Turns out I'm a knucle head! I placed the washer upside down! Ended up buying a new plug/washer (lexus oem), which appeared exactly the same. I would have put the replacement back the same way, but a "light bulb," went off in my head. I figured to try it the opposite way, as it boggled me as to why this slow leak happened in the first place. Not a drip since the redrain. Either way, it worked out good as the fluid that came out was somewhat dark again. Oh, by the way, I did use the oem Toyota fluid and a 14mm wrench. Now on to my next project of draining and refilling of differential fluid! :D
  12. 1998 LS400 with 23, 897 original miles. Owner passed away recently, and was a retired CEO. Used the car only to go to and from market/doctors.
  13. I just did a drain and refill on my 98 LS. Car has 24K original miles, but I beleive original owner never did this. Unfortunately, he passed away (RIP), so I cant ask him. Per the manual, 1.9L for this procedure. I made sure all fluid drained out, and placed back the plug slowly to assure it was snug. Plug seemed to appear in perfect shape without any dings/imperfections. I did use a wrench, however it was not a 10mm, as I have heard from other posts on this subject was necessary. Car seems to have a small drip on garage floor. I slid under to feel the plug, and it was slightly moist in the area. I am not sure if the leaking oil was from some that leaked over the funnel I was using (very small amount???). I am thinking about picking up a new plug and trying that, but dont want to waste time/money for something tht appears to be in perfect usable condition. Also, should I drain and refill every other oil change until fluid is completely red, or should I have the pan pulled off and replace all, including new filter? Oil that was in there was no "choclatey," but somewhat dark, although I could still see the red color. Any suggestions from you pros would be great! Thanks all! :cries:
  14. Congradulations on your recent decision to become an owner of one of the finest and most reliable vehicles on earth! I just recently picked up a 1998, which amazingly only had 23K original miles. I must say, over the years I have owned 2 GS's, es, sc, rx, and now my 1st LS, and by far this has been my favorite. I almost purchased an 03 LS430 w/70K a week before I found my LS, and boy am I glad I waited. I have always liked the LS series, but really admired the 98-00 series. As almost all have mentioned, service records/properly maintained vehicle, is key. Best of luck with your search!
  15. I'd try a procedure or two from the PDF Jim posted before taking it in to the dealer; perhaps reprogramming the remote will do the trick (provided that the wireless system isn't shutdown via CBES). Maybe the remote is bad? I just replaced my remote key since the buttons didn't always work right. The new key works perfectly. Congrats on your new car! B) Wow, 23k miles, that's unbelievable! What color is it? Thanks Blake! It is the two tone pearl white. I have never owned a white car before, and have always admired the white 2 tone Lexus's, back to the 93 GS300's. I will try to post pics. soon. I appreciate your help, and look forward to chatting with all on the message board. :D