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  1. I have 2 times the lights comes up. And it is for the spare tire in 3 years of service. The last one it was about 22-23 psi. Actually if we want ot know the threshold, bring along a electric pump, deflat the tire to the point the warning light comes on. Then we'll know the threshold value. Or just try the spare tire.
  2. Mine is a 2009 ES350 here in Toronto. I've just got this problem today. Will bring my car to the dealership this Friday.
  3. ...the same design and size... it would be just clued,nailed and scotched to the floor :)... Photos please... :)
  4. Folks, For the 2009 ES, do we still have the Engine Oil light (the one like a tea pot)? It is usually located at the meter area alongside with other indicators such as Gas Empty, Engine check...etc. Thanks
  5. Folks, For those of you equipped with the NAV with backup camera for rear parking safety......is that camera heated? Let say in winter snow time, will that area have heating provided to melt the snow/ice/water automatically? Otherwise, it will block the camera view except you manually clean up the camera for any snow/ice build up. Thanks
  6. Folks, According to the manual and my Sale guy, the rear shade should be lowered automatically when the transmission is in R Reverse position. But mine is not. Have you folks encountered this? Do I miss any steps in between? Thanks all.