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  1. ARRG! Problem solved! Biggest issue here was that I wasn't around to see what the locksmith actually did and the order he did it in. Anyway, after multiple attempts to reset the alarm system I discovered this model year doesn't include an immobilzer, therefore alarm system was ruled out. So I found myself just staring at the engine from the driver's side fender contemplating a tow to the dealer and happened to notice way WAY back between the radiator and the engine what look to be a "black snake." It was the power cable to the starter which had fallen back in there out of sight. I didn't realize there were two cables connected to the positive battery terminal. The locksmith had place one of them back on...not both. Car's fine now. Sorry for the false alarm.
  2. Help! A long painful story. I've got a 1996 LS400 with about 136,000 miles on it with a factory installed alarm system. Key and keyless remote unit got locked into trunk. Ended up having to call locksmith to get it out. In the process the alarm on the car was triggered, the battery cable was disconnected to stop the alarm, and the little switch that's connected to the driver's side key mechanism (inside the door) that's used to detect when the key is used to lock and unlock the door was damaged by a slim jim. At this point, here's where I am. I've got the original key and wireless remote out of the trunk. After multiple trips of the alarm system, I've repaired the broken switch, the locks and remote are working as before, the remote works, the alarm engages with the normal little flashing red LED light next to the steering column when the doors are locked and disengages when the driver's side door is unlocked, so everything's back to where I started from...except now the car won't start. When I put the key in the ignition and turn it, all the ignition panel lights come on as normal, I hear a single solid CLICK and the engine doesn't crank. Nothing.The battery is new and fully charge, the lights are bright, I've got solid and tight battery terminal connections, so I'm 99.9% sure I've got cable back on. I've checked all the fuses, both in the engine compartment and inside the car, and they're all good. I'm stumped. The car was working fine before this key issue. No starting issues. I'm finding it hard to believe that this alarm problem is completely unrelated to starting issue...that it's a complete coincidence that the starter went out when it did. Any help or insight would be appreciated. John
  3. It's not the pump. It's the alternator below the pump that's bad. I did the same thing before I figured this out.