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  1. The problem that I'm having is sort of complicated to explain, but I'm going to try my best and hopefully someone can help. Whenever I turn my a/c on, on a hot day (90F+)the antifreeze fills the overflow container and then leaks out onto the road and the air isn't as cold. On a moderate day the a/c works fine and there are no apparent problems. Any help is greatly appreciated. --I already used a can of the ac recharge
  2. Thank you both for your help, when I get some free time (Hopefully Soon) I can try to fix these problems. And yes the pictures would be a big help also.
  3. Lately I've been experiencing some problems with my es, when it's night time there appears to be some type of residue on the windshield which looks like fog but it's something that has to be wiped off.(?) My A/C works when it wants to, most times after I drive for awhile it will kick in then turn off after a 30minute ride.(?) Lastly my passenger door won't open from the outside but it will open from the inside.(?) If anybody could help me with these issues I would appreciate it! :)
  4. I have this same problem and also another that made me want to get new struts and shocks. If you dont mind me asking, how much did you pay?
  5. Alot of cars not just Toyota's have this problem. Chyrsler and Mitsubishi are among the others with this problem.
  6. As soon as I got the car and noticed the key fob didnt work I went to radio shack and replaced the battery and still nothing worked. And as for the noise, thank you, I'll check it out tomorrow.
  7. I'm sorry I was kind of in a rush earlier, if I were to answer my own questions I would be confused as well. The Deep sound is all the time from when I start the car until I turn it off. It doesn't sound as if something is wrong, but it sounds like it can be fixed. Key Fob- Yes by the unlocking/locking 10 times i'm trying to reprogram it but the button still doesnt work. The alarm does but the button on the key doesnt. Small Grill- I figured thats what it was but others have told me that it was something else, but thats what I figured it was all along. Thank You
  8. How would I go about making my 94 es more quiet? It has a deep sound that makes it seem like a cheap old bucket. Also, I feel dumb asking this question, but the the right of the steering wheel close to were ones knee would be there is a small vent like thing, what is it? One more thing how exactly do you know if something is wrong with the unlock/lock function on the key? When I unlock and lock the doors with the button on the inside ten times the car beeps once, then a pause, and then twice. Does any one know what the problem may be? TIA
  9. The antenna on my car wont even come up and it doesnt look old or anything i think the guy that i bought it from installed it but does anyone know why this would happen?
  10. Theres already a thread about this just search for it and youll find it
  11. I know this thread is from years ago but im just havin this problem. After i did the steps the car beeped once then after a short pause it beeped again i held the button on the key but it didnt do any thing. Am I doing this right or what can someone help please
  12. Some times small corner shops have ways of getting the parts you need.
  13. that ruined my weekend lol but thanks now i can stop my wild chase. I still dont get why there would be some for the camry but not the es
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