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  1. peanutapc


    nice car i have a question i was planning to lower my car but don't know how many inches i want to go. i was wondering how low did you drop yours
  2. does anyone out there happen to have a pic of a 98-01 gs300 that is drop 1.5 inchs
  3. I was looking into the same thing but I went the cheap way with a cassette adaptor for my iPod from Belkin after I looked at the price of integration cable and other things plus installation. I think you can get it from Walmart for about $20. It is a cassette tape attached to a RCA jack that you plug into your Ipod and control your Ipod to play the music. I tried the FM connector, it was pretty bad sound. theres a site its call you can find the intsructions there but it cost like $5 for it . its pretty simple you just have to remove the air vent on top of the stereo
  4. anyone other know if they make a stereo wire harness for a 01 gs300 im trying to pick in an aftermarket stereo and don't want to cut any wires so if anyone knows or have any suggestions then please help thank you
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