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  1. I don't have an answer but... 1. I would really want to see the car (truck) that I am buying up close and personal. 2. I've heard some horror stories about the auto shipping companies. The cars can really get beat up unless you choose a good one. I found my GX470 via I searched and searched for months before I found the GX470 at the price I wanted. But it was worth it, I got it at a "great" price and it has everything. By the way, with you can narrow the search to certified only. Thank you, Topper. My area has two Lexus dealers, but their CPOs are very expensive and the dealer doesn't want to low the price even the trucks have been in the lot for more than a year. I prefer to buy a CPO locally because the nearest non-local Lexus dealer is more than 100 miles away. I am going to keep looking, hopefully, I can find a good deal.
  2. Does anyone buy a Certified GX from ebay? My local dealer's GX CPOs are too expensive, and they are very hard to negotiate down even in current bad market.
  3. Air suspension can very expensive to replace. But I have had several Lexus service technicians and members of this board tell me that the newer design is much more reliable and will last a very long time, much longer than the setup on the old LS400s. I would not hesitate to buy a GX or any other Lexus model equipped with the newer air suspension design. Which year do think is newer?
  4. Thinking to buy a 04 GX470 cpo with 40,000 miles. Is the mileage too high if I want to keep it for 5 or more years? Anyone bought a cpo recently? and any idea for the price I can negotiate to? Thanks a lot.
  5. Thank you, have fun with your new Lexus. Probably overpaid a little at $35k (but got a very generous trade-in). Fully loaded except the rear DVD. I think you could get for $32-$33k assuming same level of options.
  6. Thank you. What else is the difference between 2004 and 2006?
  7. Thank you. How much did you pay for you lexus?
  8. MY dealer has 04 and 06 Gx470 CPO at the lot. Both have around 35k miles and similar options, 04 is $2000 cheaper. But 06 still has 2 years original manufacture's warranty, 04's warranty is expired but has CPO warranty. Which one is batter to choose? Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. My dealer has a 2006 GX470 CPO with 40,000 miles. The list price is $38,500, but KBB retail price is $29,000 and Edmunds retail price is $31,000. How much do you suggest I should ask for? Thanks. Does anyone know what the CPO financing rate is at this time? I heard Lexus has new vehicle financing rate on a CPO, is this true and what is it? Thanks a lot.