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  1. I recently bought an 06 GS430. I did a 1500 mile trip and had a hard time getting more than 26mpg on the highway. Wondering how you achieve 27 or 28. I ran 35psi in tires and left the cruise on. I averaged 74mph on the highway. Around town I am getting 20-21 and 19 driving fast.
  2. Agreed. Really just wanted to have a bit of fun with the old tires. I have atteneded The Jim Russell School at Laguna Seca, and done some racing. I do drive my cars fairly hard, and, yes, it was my money and it was used-just go it. Really just trying to find out how intrusive the safety systems are on the car.
  3. As I said, I am getting a new set of tires and want to play with the car, learn about the handling etc. To get the most out of a RWD car, you need to able to slip the rear end. Not abusing the car per se. Anyway, if anyone can tell me if it's possible...seems like when you hold the brake and rev engine, rpms drop when brake is released. Not trying to offend anyone.
  4. sorry for the two threads...i thought the first one did not post as it took a while to go up, so I posted a second. But, really, the "safety devices" seem quite intrusive. Just wondering if it is possible.
  5. Traction control seems to kick on even when in off position with wheel slip...getting new tires and want to play with old ones
  6. Is there any way to turn off the traction control without it kicking back on with wheel slip? I know it's irresponsible, but I have seen videos of extrme burnouts in a GS430 on youtube. I am getting new tires and just want to have a bit of fun with the old ones.
  7. anyone have an idea on the best place to get a second denso car only came with one...06 gs430
  8. What is the DVD hack? I just bought a 2006 GS430 this weekend...thanks
  9. has anyone used an aftermarket air filter or intake and filter...wondering what the results were performance and fuel economy. thanks
  10. Just purchased my 2006 GS430 this weekend and I need some tires before winter...the factory run-flats are so noisy and about done. Tire rack shows the Bridgestone Pole Position all season ranked first. I have used Michelin Pilot sport A/s(ranked 4th on tire rack) on another car and they performed well . I do have to deal with snow in most of you switch to full snows? Is is necessary or do the A/S do ok? Thanks for the help.
  11. I would like to know what your real gas mileage on a 2006 and highway...thanks so much
  12. To be clear, I am looking at used 2007 GS350 and 2006 GS430 cars...would really like to know what the real world mileage is with a Gs430, city and highway...Love the suspension on the 430 with the sport setting...don't think that is an option on the 300 or 350? Thanks so much
  13. I am looking at a 2007 gs350 and a 2006 gs430...I am wondering what the real world gas mileage is with a 430....I have read accounts of upper 20s on the highway. I love the suspension on the 430...any issues with it at higher mileage? Thanks so much
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