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  1. I ended up fixing the problem. In the process I realized I have been using the wrong terminology. I was under the impression that the speed sensor and the ABS sensor were the same thing. That is not the case. From what I have been told, the speed sensor is located near the transmission, while the ABS sensor is by the wheels. The ABS sensor is the issue for me. Sorry for the confusion. Anyways, I really didn't want to pay the 300 some odd bucks for the new ABS sensor from Lexus, so since I knew I that the problem was isolated to my front driverside ABS sensor, I took that out, and cut back the jacket/shielding and traced the 2 wires from the connector to the sensor. In the process, I found that there was a split in the wires right before the sensor. I bought some heatshrink, 24awg stranded wire, and soldered some new wires in replacement. Added heatshrink and LOTS of electrical tape. Making sure I had that 1.5-1.6kohms resistance across the newly soldered wires, I put that jacket/shielding back on, and put some more electrical tape before re-installing back onto the vehicle. I put loads upon loads of electrical tape for fear of moisture/water leaking through and shorting out the wires. I started up the car and drove a couple blocks, and the lights came off. Hope that helps. Good luck. -Merwin
  2. Hey guys, thanks for all the useful information. I disconnected the speed sensor and measured the resistance across the terminals...It's supposed to be somewhere between 1.3-1.8kohms. My right side was 1.58kohms, but my left side was open-circuited. Looks like I'm going to replace the left side sensor this weekend. The Lexus dealership around my way is charging about 290 bucks for one sensor, so I'm going to check out the local junk yard to see if they have any sensors available...If not, then 300 bucks it is. micropterus, this problem occurred when I also replaced both my lower ball joints. So, you could possibly have the same issue. Accessing the connector inside the front fender is fairly simple, and checking it with a multimeter is quick. If I were you, I would check both sides to see which ones, if not both, are the problem. Thanks to all, Merwin
  3. What program are you using to open the *.cwk file? I'd be interested in viewing the schematic. I also have the same problem. I removed both front sensors and they seem to be fine. Haven't tested them electrically, but visual inspection proves to be OK. I was just going to buy new sensors and replace, but if there's a reset process, I would like to try that before I dish out the cash on 2 sensors. Thanks, Merwin