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  1. i appreciate you guys standing up for me and all but its all good guys. i dont hold any grudges... lets all just get along lol. all in all i do believe i got some good input from a few people so ill look into then and see whats best for me... thanks. hopefully after more research ill learn enough and be able to help the next noob along the line lol.
  2. does your climate control work with no blacking or anything? if its good i would be interested in that too.
  3. i dont know if this would be cheaper but you could get it bondo, smoothed out, and painted. if you bondo it yourself make sure to drill a hole at the end point of the crack if the bumper is still connected before your bondo it to stop it from cracking any more. if you repaint the whole bumper it might cost you around $200-$300 maybe.
  4. you also mentioned tokico shocks so i factored that in at another $320 or so so yea just spend the extra $200 ok i see what you mean now. that looks like my most likely route now. thanks.
  5. I'm not trying to get on your bad side or anything but couldn't you just give me input on them if you have tried/use those products? Or not respond if you didn't? Or suggest a one you feel is better? I've seen a lot of posts that don't mention what they want the products for and ask questions about them. Anyway l'm sure my shocks are bad as they bottom out when i hit what i would consider "mild" or higher bumps/dips or when i have 2 or more people in my car and hit lighter bumps. I'm talking about both the rear and front. And since i was going to replace them i figured i might as well install springs and lower my car at the same time. I'm not looking to lower my car more than 1". I basically have a $1k budget, i'm not looking to spend more than that. Hopefully that answers your question and you can help me out.
  6. Well i was implying that i wanted to know what "you" (whoever is reading this) would consider as best. Basically just wanted opinions to help me make an "informed" decision. I didnt assume there is a best. I admit i used a poor word with the best. Also if you used the two parts i mentioned any feedback from personal experience would have been great. Most coilovers i've been looking at where a good amount over $1k. Tien Basics would run me $810.00 and Eibach would be $300.00. Maybe i will save the $500.00 and go for coilovers. Thanks for the input.
  7. Hey guys. I got a 92 SC300. I'm looking to buy some springs and shocks. I was wondering what do you guys recommend as being the best. I'm currently considering Tokico HP Gas shocks and Eibach Pro Kit springs. I did a search and found Eibach to be recommended by alot of people but I already had them in mind. But I couldn't really find anything on shocks. Any input would be great. Thanks.
  8. is your interior tan? if so im interested in your door panels and window sills (boths sides)
  9. dam that look really sick... tempted to get some.. lol
  10. man... both of my windows just crapped out on me too... i also need somd help here
  11. wow... that is f'd up. I would be so *BLEEP*ed if that happened to me. Especially since he looked at you before he took off.
  12. lol. makes me want to try it... but for some reason i think if i do ill be the one djspawn00 was talkin about -_-
  13. i agree with everybody else whose saying the 300 if your going to mod but the 400 if your not.
  14. 1993 SC300 Purchased: May 2008 Priced at:$5155.33 Mileage at Time of Purchase: 98,251 Mods: No real mods yet. Just ViS Demon Front/Rear bumper, V Speed side skirts, and XXR 18" Bronze w/ Machine Lip rims. Repainted the car Pearl White. About to install HIDs. Pros: Vast improvement in speed over previous car (Acura Integra). Cons: Small tears on the driver and passenger leather seats. A tear on drivers side door panel. Minor cracks on the interior of the car (A/C vents, etc.). Temp/Fuel needles no longer light up. Tan interior. I really want to change the interior. myself: 23 yr-old male
  15. very nice... i personally like the bronze tires more than the chrome ones though
  16. cool thanks ill save the link. i recently bought a sc300 and was considering a swap also
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