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  1. Thats way off. As you can see below, 4700k Is the Most and Brightest HID you will get. Anything above that range is Simply for looks. No other reason... I would get between 4700k and 6000k Being the Highest I would go. btw k =Kelvin Here is another chart showing Colors related to k. You really need to understand light and what color temps are put out depending on the K level. Like I said, between 4700k and 6000k should be best, but 6000k Is even losing Light output compared to the lower 5000k range. If you really want the Look and not performance then it's your choice. Here are a few other charts. If you really want to learn about this stuff, read this a few times!
  2. Not sure about the basement idea. A bit too much. But filling his bin with concrete will really make him PO'ed more than anything else. Do it! And post pictures!
  3. No one has anything to say? I was really hoping to more help than this....
  4. Hey guys, I'm trying to sell my car and I really hope I do pretty fast as I found an ES300 I'd love to pick up. Its a 1993 Lexus ES300 Here is the description: I have a 93 lexus es 300 auto, fully loaded with leather seats, power sunroof, power seats, heated seats, climate control, traction control. It has a new engine in it with less than 70k miles. the car runs and drives and everything works great expept the trannsmission sometimes it will drive in reverse by pressing the gas pedal a little more than normal. I was told from a transmission shop there might be a valve that remains closed and they estimated a 250 charge for it but i haven't done anything about fixing it because i am moving overseas. Forward it drives without a problem. This lexus with almost 70K miles is worth more than 4 grand but i am taking it 1700 bottom dollar. first one with the cash gets the car. I am not a dealer and don't play with numbers. 1700 is the bottom price. Only the engine costs more than 2 grand. I understand there is the problem with the reverse, and I'm ok with that. I'll either fix it myself or gladly pay someone to fix it. He is asking 1700. I know thats low and I think it is part due to him moving overseas. Perhaps Iraq duty. Here are some pictures. I'm ok if it has some dings and dents. I'm only looking for a Daily driver. If it last a year I'll be Perfectly happy. It has a new engine with 70k miles so I think it will last for much longer than a year. I know I need to have it looked at and make sure everything is in good working order and nothing is really wrong with it before I buy. But I had one worry, I read on here not to bother buying a 93 due to Over heating issues. I'm thinking with the engine being replaced I should not have a problem and for the price I cant pass it up. For the price I wouldnt have a problem spending another grand fixing anything that needed it, doesnt seem like it though. I just want to know aside from the over heating issue is there any other reason why I shouldnt buy this? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys! Well I found this great forum and really look forward to getting on here more often if I get this car. I wanted to know your opinions. I have a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX 155k miles and not sure how much is left ******Edited by Moderator********** Here are some pictures of my Eclipse. I have the chance to trade for a 1994 Lexus SC300 175k on car, 70k on rebuild He is selling for 4k but wants to trade me bad GOOD: Really straight for the most part (see BAD section) 18" American Racing wheels w/ new tires Leather Interior 2JZ n/a Runs AWESOME Baller Status BAD: Passenger rear 1/4 panel, previous owner scraped up against somthin. Really not much damage. Back seat leather has tear Here are some pictures. It needs a lil bit of work but I have been looking to upgrade to luxery and I think this is my ticket. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!!!
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