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  1. Look around this site for the item. http://www.sewellpartsonline.com/category2.asp?cat=ENG
  2. You can have a problem like I did where the car lost all programming of the remote so it will not recognize it for its features. I found out when I took it to the dealership after having it programed 4 months prior by an independant. Well, I have 2 remotes and neither work. They will unlock the trunk, but will not lock or unlock the doors. The inside lock switches work fine on both sides. I'm just trying to figure out if the inside switches work off the actuators as well or something different. Not sure what is wrong so I can fix it.
  3. The remote will not unlock or lock any doors. The button on either front armrest will lock and unlock all doors. Would this be the dreaded actuator or something else? Remote has new battery in it.
  4. Iiridium for 02 Denso or NGK is what comes in them from the assembly line
  5. Why are you replacing the alt ? You really want to fix it cheap, just buy the 2 contacts or brushes as they are called and pop them in. I do this for Alts and starters and have never replaced the entire unit. $10 will do it.
  6. Check the Power steering fluid it may be low or you might have a leak in the P/S pressure hose Your rotors are warped and need to be replaced
  7. Sway bar end link bushings can be had at NAPA. check their website out.
  8. Yes, undo the 2 caps on outside and use 10MM socket to take bolts a loose. Then you have to get behind the cloth fabric on the inside of the trunk right where the lights are and undo 2 more bolts behind the fabric. Then it just lifts right out. Less than 10 minutes to do it.
  9. Check the sway bar end links. The bushings sometimes wear out. Also check the front strut mounts and strut mount bearing.
  10. dont forget the differential gear oil. a couple quarts of the synthetic 75-90 gear oil is all you need.
  11. Denso iridium tipped plugs. Good buy on these on ebay I use Castrol 5-30 oil and change it every 3 months or 3,ooo miles. Use the Toyota red radiator fluid Use the appropriate tranny fluid from toyota. My 2002 GS3 takes the t-IV type Use toyota brake pads
  12. Yes around $5.50 a quart and it will cost you a fortune at a dealer. probably less than an hour if you have never done it. I can do mine in about 20 minutes and be done for around $80