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  1. I found a black knob under the dashboard directly under the place you put the keys in the ignition. Does anyone know what this is?
  2. I am going to replace the factory subwoofer out of my 02 ES300 with a new one. Does anyone know of a company that makes a custom subwoofer box that fits in the trunk without taking all of the space up?
  3. I bought one. it controls the ipod with the CD player buttons. I had mine put in the glove box so no one can see my IPOD. I love it! The company is called USA Spec. I brought it to a stereo install place and they did it in about 30 min.
  4. I bought some new H3 Bulbs to replace the fog lamps in my 02 ES300. Has anyone ever done this? Is it an easy install?
  5. I bought some new H3 bulbs to replace the fog lamps on my 02 GS300. Has anyone done this before?Is this a pretty easy install?
  6. I just bought an 02 ES300 and would like to upgrade the speakers including the subwoofer. Before I purchase new ones, I need to know what size the speakers in the door are. And the size of the subwoofer, it looks like its 8 or 9 inches. Can anyone help me? Thanks Michael
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