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  1. Read through the other posts and didn't see a good answer to my specific question. I just bought an 04 IS300 with 23k miles. This is my first car with this type of tire/rim, so I came here looking for some tips after finding this through google. Two of the OEM tires were replaced with the same exact tire a few thousand miles ago (Bridgestone Potenza RE040). It's time to do the other two. I want something that looks similar and provides a fairly quiet ride. I drive 60 miles roundtrip to work, so I'm looking for a balance of something that looks nice (prefer not to be able to see the difference in the front and rear tires) but gives me some mileage for my $. I have a Discount Tire in my town and will probably go there unless there is a better place to go. Would you guys recommend going with the same tires? I would like to go with something cheaper if I do not compromise looks, smooth ride, or noise. I see plenty of tires on their site for about half the cost of the OEM tire. Please give any opinions and the tire model # so I can lookup prices and details. Thanks for any help you can give.