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  1. Has anyone had their metal bracket/hinge inside the trunk break? It holds the two metal rods that span across the top of the trunk. Mine broke on the right side - basically the metal piece that holds the rods just broke in half when closing the trunk as I do daily. Maybe it is just metal fatigue as I don't see anything obviously bent or bound up. This is what allows the trunk to stay open when raised and holds the weight when you closing it so that it doesn't slam down. So now the trunk opens and closes fine, it just won't stay up when open. I was wondering about the possibility of weldi
  2. Read through the other posts and didn't see a good answer to my specific question. I just bought an 04 IS300 with 23k miles. This is my first car with this type of tire/rim, so I came here looking for some tips after finding this through google. Two of the OEM tires were replaced with the same exact tire a few thousand miles ago (Bridgestone Potenza RE040). It's time to do the other two. I want something that looks similar and provides a fairly quiet ride. I drive 60 miles roundtrip to work, so I'm looking for a balance of something that looks nice (prefer not to be able to see the difference
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