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  1. Rx 300 Keys Does Not Turn Ignition Lock

    The tapping and the graphite and WD40 worked like a champ for my RX-330 today. I'm a bit worried that graphite and WD-40 will make cement soon, but it's working today!
  2. Convert Headlights with AFS to without AFS?

    I ended up replacing the ballast for $100 and did the labor myself. The ballast was severely corroded. Works fine. I'm sure the water leak is still there and the ballast will go bad again, but I can afford to replace the ballast another 13 times and still come out ahead of replacing the whole unit. And then some.
  3. Convert Headlights with AFS to without AFS?

    My understanding is that the extended headlight warranty expired in 2015.
  4. My 2006 Rx330's headlights look positively gross and the driver's bulb has burned out, probably because of the water inside. I'd like to replace them. (Someday manufacturers will use glass that won't age so gracelessly, but that's a dream for now). My car has HID with the AFS. I notice that I can buy replacements without AFS pretty cheap, but if it has AFS then it gets really expensive. I don't really care about the AFS. Is it easy to convert to without AFS?