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  1. Happy new year to all, I'm currently looking to replace the Falken 912 tires on my SC300. There's 225/40/18 front & 265/35/18 rear. I had them for about a year & they didnt' last long at all....more like <0000 miles on a 40000miles rating. They don't have a square/wall (they concave inwards) look. Which tire type & sizesI should try next? B.T.W. it's a 5 speed if makes any difference. Thank in advance, ;->)
  2. Greetings, I have a '92 SC300 and would like to know when the next meet will be @? Currently, I'm lookin for new tires replacements. I have Falken 912 on it... staggered and the rear didn't long long at all, since I haven't done any racing since I had them. Any recommendations on better tires will be great! B.T.W, I have 18.8.5 front... 18x9.5 rear. Thanks in advance, ;-.)