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  1. Ben I too live in a cold climate and there are too many governing factors that could result in a dead battery so most just replace them to a larger newer battery and move on. I wanted to figure out what was the cause, weak battery or was there a drain on the system from something. I charged the battery and then put a amp meter on between the ground wire and the battery to see if there was a drain and there was. I didn't know what was acceptable so I just hunted for the largest one. I then started pulling fuses one by one until the drain of almost two amps changed and when I pulled the 12v outlet fuse the drain dropped to under a 1/2 amp. I remembered plugging in an adaptor that converted cig plug to usb outlet !! so when i unplugged it the 1.5amp drain was gone. Who knew an adaptor that went from 12v to 5v drew any never mind so much power, even when not being used. Most people don't want to put in the effort to track it down but you can do the same test to try and isolate the drain or get a battery maintainer or drive it more. :)
  2. Ben W Have you gotten anywhere with your mystery battery drain ? I've had a 03, 06, 10 and now a 16 RX and have not experienced this issue like Taffy13 has. I have had this problem with another vehicle so I was looking for an update on your problem. Zman
  3. I purchced a new 2016 Rx350, Sweet car every opt. available (even things I didn't know exsisted) Well I put on a trailer hitch as I do with every RX I've owned since 2003, and this is the first one that the Lighting plug under the read of the car was dead. No power was coming out. The Fix is a Hitch wire converter box that is added at the dealer when you buy a hitch from them at $1000,00 or so. If you don't want to hack into your wireing harness with some aftermarket converter then this is what you need. 2016 - **** = P/N PT725-48160 2010 - 2015 = P/N PT219-48101 First off I was told both boxes I listed are the same and are interchangable, but I opted for the correct P/N This is a box that plugs into your existing wirering harness in the passenger rear truck panel and allong with a 30 amp fuse into your fuse box will make your OEM Hitch wireing plug work like it was suppost to. I attached the install PDF, also. Good Luck . MY16 RX 350-450h Tow Harness Converter Kit IssC.pdf
  4. 2012 Rx350 Seat Belt Chime

    What are the procedures for a 2010 rx 350
  5. 04 RX 330 Where is the low side valve of the air condioner? I see the high side right in plain view on passanger side behind the headlight but where is the other valve? Thanks for any input