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  1. Enter Destinations While Driving

    I just tested and verified that it also works on an '04 LS430 Great tip, but make sure to use common sense when applying!
  2. Sirius Radio Option Available On 6/13/05

    Thanks for the update... I'm STILL waiting for a reply from customer service :( Did the information you receive have any news about the window antenna? Even though my LS is black and probably would do a good job of 'hiding' the antenna, I think I would prefer the inside the front window model that they talked about. (I can't remember the acronym that they were using for it.
  3. Lexus Backs Off From Sirius Radio Option

    It doesn't.... which is why I'm sure it snapped back Bills head when he read it. The overwelming majority of members here REALLY know their stuff and are willing to share the knowledge. I'm more of a 'silent' member since my car is a bit later model and doesn't present some of the 'challenges' an older model might. I was very exited when Sirius announced it's partnership with Toyota/Lexus to supply components. In particular the SIGMA solution for reception seems like it will maintain the exterior look of the car by not requiring the extra box on the trunk. I had read in the forums about some users putting the antenna on the rear deck, but from what I remember, the reception suffered. In front of the mirror seems much better.
  4. Lexus Backs Off From Sirius Radio Option

    Bill, Thanks for finding out the 'new' anticipated date for the Sirius module... I had been trying without success to get the same information. You must admit one that at least the first sentence of TexLex reply was accurate...
  5. Lexus Backs Off From Sirius Radio Option

    Actually, I wouldn't be so quick to blame Lexus... I requested information from Sirus customer service regarding the availability, price, etc of the Sirius unit for my 2004 LS430. They said that they would get back to me in 3-5 business days because they wanted to 'make sure I got the correct information'. Well I asked the question on Feb 25th and a month later am still waiting.... I even asked them once where we were on the information and they said that they were still looking int to it. So much for Sirius customer service. They should not have issued the press release saying they would provide the equipment if they had no idea how to do it. JMOHO.
  6. Nitrogen Tires?

    According to this article: , unless you are driving on an oval at very high speeds, there isn't any reason to have nitrogen in your tires - especially if they charge you to put it in.
  7. Latest Nav Dvd

    Not yet (as far as I've been told). ← I just had mine replaced yesterday as part of a 'campaign' and the version is 4.2
  8. Ls430 Bluetooth Experience

    I purchased the Sony Ericsson T610 from CarToys, and got service from T-Mobile a week after I purchased my LS430. It took about 10 minutes to get the two talking to each other and I haven't looked back since. The only time I ever have any problems is if I leave the phone in the briefcase and then the briefcase is on the floor. Signal strength can go way down but that isn't a problem with the bluetooth. If there is one 'complaint' that I have it is that when you have a phonebook full of multiple entries ie home, work, cell, etc. and try to transfer that to the car, it seems to only take the first entry. (just home or just cell). I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if it is just a shortcoming of the system. Anyway, that combo works just fine....
  9. Bluetooth Question

    While I cannot speak specifically on the LX470/LX450 vehicle, on the LS430, the ability to dial specific numbers is disabled when the vehicle is moving. You can use the one touch dialing for stored numbers. Another thing that I noticed is that the number that is displayed in the one touch area shows while the vehicle is stopped, but disapears when the vehicle starts moving. Hope this helps...
  10. 2004 Ls430 Best Price?

    Hopefully you have already bought your car and are enjoying it... To add to the thread though, I just bought a 2004 LS430 with the Modern Luxury, Smart Access, and Chrome wheels. Sticker - $63,639 Purchase $57,500 Savings $ 6,139 I feel pretty good about the markdown... and the car is FANTASTIC!! I have dreamt about getting a lexus for years and it became a reality this week.