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  1. Nevermind.I got a repair manual and changed the solenoids.It was a breeze and now my sc drives like new again!!! :)
  2. I have a print out on where the solenoids are but the diagram is for a Supra non Turbo.Is the transmission exactly the same for an SC300?I need to know because im doing this project tommorrow.
  3. im in the same boat as you but i dont have first gear.i bought the solenoid already but every time i take it to a tranny shop they tell me the same thing that it might not fix it and that im better off putting in another tranny.Im gonna put it in as soon as i foind out the the #1 solenoid is on the tranny.I cant find a diagram anwhere.Ive asked a million times on the other forums to no avail
  4. mine is flashing think its a check engine for the tranny
  5. Im pretty sure is the Distributor O-Ring thats causing the leak.Anyone have a part #? Can i get it at a Toyota dealership or only Lexus?
  6. This is a pic of a car that i looked at that i might buy.Sorry that i dont know much bout cars but i took a pic of what looks like an OIL leak near the distributor.I didnt get a really good chance to look at it cuz i had to go to work but i hope this is something minor.I couldnt really tell where the oil was coming form.Maybe someone had a similar leak like this?Any help would be great.
  7. Thanks but where can i get the code red.Is a Lexus dealership the only ones who can read the code?I ask this because i dont have a Lexus dealership anywhere near me.
  8. magic eraser can take anything off
  9. Ive done a search on this and didnt really find a definitive answer.Ive come down to these 2 possibilities.It could be a bad sensor or tranny solonoid.Now if its tranny solonoid,what does that mean?Does it need a new tranny?Can it just be fixed or something.I dont know that much bout trannies and such so any help would be great.Car drives pretty nice but O/D light flashes and feels like its not shifting right.
  10. These are 4 (pairs) for just the upper control arm; doesn't the Daizen kit really come with 6, for the lower arm also? Is it okay to replace just the upper and not the lower bushings? http://www.daizensporttuning.com/products/...m_bushings.html If your upper ones are bad replace them.If your lower ones are bad replace them.My lower ones were bad so i replaced those my uppers were fine.My friends car was the opposite.Only his uppers were bad and lower ones were still good.He took the high road though and replaced the entire arms at Lexus.Hes an older guy though and doesnt go on the internet at all.Last week he paid like 3 grand for new door panels and a few other things.
  11. I found some on ebay bushings i already own Daizen Bushings
  12. What brand did you use?Were they rubber or polyurathane?If they were Poly,you need to put alot alot alot of lube.
  13. Darn it was so long ago.Ill try to remember.They will need ur vin so they can OEM match the color of ur leather.I will look through my records.
  14. IN my Sc i had rips and holes that went all the way through and i bought a kit and repaired them.Came out nice.For big holes and rips they provided me with a thing that looked like a screen that i glue underneath the rip,then and the compund over its it,sand it to smooth it out and then use the paint spray.
  15. There are options out there.I had rips in mine and repaired them myslef.It came out ok. I own a BMW 740i and here is what we do with outr seat that need fixing. Seat restoration
  16. Dont buy Tokico.I did not like them.It was too harsh.Everyone told me to buy them so i did but i Live in NYC and i hated them.I like the KYB GR-2 much better.Better ride i didnt care the the the Tokicos handled better.I have heard the the Tokico Illumina are very good but expesive.
  17. Dont they paint over the clear part.Dont they do that mod with clear tails.ONly way i can think of doing that with stock tails is paint over the amber part on the outside instead of the inside of the tails.I did it with my maxima.Just make sure u paint over the red part as well so it look even and then after that wax them up.The orange lens u are refering are that color and not painted i believe.I still have a can of testors candy apple red that i did this with.
  18. I think that car looks hot really like the look of those wheels
  19. its probably a rod that became loose and came out.Why not just take off door panel and see 4 yourself?
  20. Rod from the door locking mechanism became unhooked.Take off door panel and u will see a metal rod not hooked up.I fixed mine a while ago but my driverside door was missin the rod so i had to buy a door locking mechanism.I installed it today and my door works i bought it off someone who had a wrecked sc. they cost $369 from the dealer and wont sell the rod alone
  21. Jeez, mine's doing the exact same thing. I really didn't think anything about it lol. Where'd you order the control arm bushings. Are they something that somebody mechanically inclined can install or do you need special tools? ← It most likely that the Lower Control Arm Bushings are worn.Mine are bad on the front so i ordered the complete set for the front only from TMengineering.net its $99 for the set and im having sometrouble in NY finding a place that can do the job.I know u need to meelt the rubber off the the old worn bushing and use re-use the aluminum sleeves angain and i think i hydrolic press is needed to bushin the new ones back in. I am not going to change the Upper Control Arm Bushing.They rarely go bad and the PolyUrithane bushings will make the car ride much ruffer since the uppers dampen the ride like 80% or something like that.The lowers can be changed however without any loss to ride.It will make the car control better and allow me to get a wheel alingment finally. remember if u get the set dont use the uppers,yor ride will be harsh unless you like that type of ride "Control Arms are located at the ends of each axle behind each wheel and are responsible for isolating and cushioning the car's chassis. Daizen Sport Tuning makes polyurethane control arm bushings and sway bar bushings that replace the stock rubber bushings. This eliminates squeaks and roughness you may have in an older, worn suspension system and tightens road feel and response by abosorbing higher torsional loads. The control arm bushings also have a longer lifespan and help combat negative camber (tire wear) issues. Todd Matsubara at TM Engineering is the premiere dealer and installer for Daizen products and is able to answer any more specific questions about them. Polyurethane does not deteriorate like rubber; However, it does require regreasing approximately every four years or as needed."
  22. how much would u sell ur old cluster how many miles on it?
  23. Control Arm Bushings i just recieved mine. i need to find a place that can install them
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