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  1. Hello, I installed the K&N air filter and Bosch Platinum 4 spark plugs when I purchased mine. I get 21 - 22 on the highway and 17 in the city.
  2. Hello, I just spoke with my service manager Friday and he stated the 2005 models are already on the ships headed for the state. He also stated there were no major changes for 2005. Hope this helps! :)
  3. Hello, I have owned two 4runner limiteds (2000 & 2002) and 1 Landcruiser (2002) and I now own a 2004 GX470. I have to agree that the GX470 rides far superior to a 4runner including the newest model. I was extremely disappointed with my Landcruiser and needed a new ride so I did heavy research and test driving. I purchased a GX470 because Lexus has the #1 rating for # of problems per car sold and the ride and quality were very high! I did not purchase it because of status. I would never say its ride is comparable to that of a 8 year old 4runner. I would say that the Touareg was
  4. :D I was able to work it out with the managing partner of the dealership. When they realized I just wanted a car that was identical, they were able to help. The only thing I really lost was for the 2 months I had made payments - but I did not care as you should pay something when you use a vehicle. I was able to get the same interest rate with the same term and the same payment. I did not have to have the BB or an attorney involved. Maybe they were nervous about bad publicity with the domain name I own. You can go to and purchase a domain name for $9.00 per year.
  5. Sorry - you are wrong on axing the Land Cruiser! It is an icon, it is like axing the Corvette fo Chevy. The Hybrid goal IS 2007. This comes from my service manager who just returned from CA to see the RX400H. I have great inside info!
  6. Hello, I do not believe the Sequoia will be used as a lexus as it is built in the US. All lexus are built in Japan. I do know that Lexus plans to offer a hybrid version of every vehicle by 2007. I know they are going to keep the LX470 and you should see a complete redesign appear in 2006 as a 2007. They are having a difficult time deciding on the platform - so it can accomodate the electric engine. Thanks!!
  7. :D I just picked up my new GX470 that replaced my old one - no cash out of my pocket. The dealer has turned out to be great! I just wanted to let everyone know that some of the dealers are of the stand up type!! Please note the new level of service I have received from Lexus of Albuquerque!!!
  8. Please watch out for Lexus of Albuquerque! I took my car in for the 1000 mile service after I had the truck for 6 weeks. The main problem I had was a squeak in the Nav area and panel in the rear that became loose. They took my car in to repair these items and proceeded to damage it. They chipped and gouged the birdseye maple trim and the adjoining plastic trim all around the Nav and the shifter console. They then kept my car for 9 weeks stating they were waiting on parts to repair what they had damaged. When I picked up my car this Sat, the squeak was worse than before and they put the N
  9. Hello, I spoke with my Dealer and he checked with his regional rep. They said this option does not exist and may cause damage to the KDSS. Do you have a copy of the sticker that you can post or email so I can show my dealer! I really think they do not know what they are talking about!! Thanks in advance!!
  10. Hello! I have been out of town and just got back. I will try to take some pictures of the adapter. Thanks in advance!
  11. Take a look at this picture. It all depends on where the camera is placed during the picture.
  12. It depends on what you are looking for. I purchased HID so I can see better, not look cool going down the street. That is why I purchased the 5300K kit - it produces more lumans than a 8000 or 10000. It produces a very bright white light - not one with green in it as people are saying my pictures are. It is difficult to tell the color of a picture on a monitor becuse they are all calibrated differently! If you want a very blue to purple light - get a higher kelvin color kit and just because it costs more does not mean it is better. I was just trying to save people some money and time.
  13. The only thing I did to the adapter that came with the kit was to file off the tab so it would fit the OEM plug easier. It was not as near complicated as the kit in the link. The only thing I had to do was remove the old light bulb, put in the new HID bulb and connect it to the leads on the ballast and then plug in the OEM adapter to the ballast and turn it on. I am leaving on a trip but when I get back I can post some pics of the adapters and connections. I took a long look at the other kits available, but could not justify spending an extra $250 for it!!! The ballast are of a better qua
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